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  • Posted on 17 January 16 at 06:23
    RazorPriest said:Eurydace said:My argument was always that RPG isn't a genre at all (except maybe JRPG). Genres describe gameplay. The things that make an RPG an RPG aren't related to gameplay at all - rather they are systems built around the gameplay.

    Of course, that's a losing argument. No one wants to recognize that. So we go on.
    I agree, to a point. Systems like that can be used to help define a genre, but when those same systems so often appear in other genres (leveling, character upgrades etc.), they kinda lose their meaning. RPG is just one of those things we all kinda know when we see it, but I could never accurately describe the concept to someone who has never played a video game.
    The best article I read about defining a video game RPG was this article

    although two of the three defining factors are systems and not gameplay but the third "•A central quest that runs throughout the game as a storyline" Is part of the gameplay.
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