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Achievement / Game Breaking Issues

  • Posted on 12 January 16 at 17:24, Edited on 21 January 16 at 21:39 by Shadow Kisuragi
    EDIT: Update posted 1/21/2016. As promised, these issues have been fixed and the game can be completed! However, a new issue has surfaced:

    Achievement Issues:
    Panzer Geekz (WP)100 stars on your shoulderThe 100 stars on your shoulder achievement in Panzer Geekz (WP) worth 106 pointsAchieve 100 stars from completing levels

    Panzer Geekz (WP)IT'S FULL OF STARS!The IT'S FULL OF STARS! achievement in Panzer Geekz (WP) worth 313 pointsAchieve TOP STAR SCORE on all levels

    Purchasing stars appears to lock out the ability to earn these achievements in some capacity.



    Game Breaking Issues:
    * Level 36 (Village) does not load.
    * Level 44 loads, but does not allow you to play it.

    Achievement Issues:
    Panzer Geekz (WP)We hear you!The We hear you! achievement in Panzer Geekz (WP) worth 27 pointsRaise your voice and rate the game

    - This can only be unlocked by using the "Rate Me" prompt, and not through the Rate button on the menu. If the user selects "No Thanks" on the "Rate Me" prompt, this achievement is no longer possible until the user plays the game on a fresh install. Missable.

    Panzer Geekz (WP)3/4 of the way...The 3/4 of the way... achievement in Panzer Geekz (WP) worth 218 pointsComplete level 40

    - Completing Level 40, even with 3 stars or with the first 40 levels completed, does not unlock this. Looking at the in-game image, it shows a 54 with an exploding star behind it, the same as
    Panzer Geekz (WP)1000% Willpower and focus!The 1000% Willpower and focus! achievement in Panzer Geekz (WP) worth 168 pointsDo the impossible - complete level 54
    . Incidentally, it also has the same unlock conditions - complete level 54. Buggy-.

    Panzer Geekz (WP)IT'S FULL OF STARS!The IT'S FULL OF STARS! achievement in Panzer Geekz (WP) worth 313 pointsAchieve TOP STAR SCORE on all levels

    - This cannot be completed normally due to the issues with Level 36 and 44. However, there is currently a workaround to this where the additional stars can be purchased, and the achievement unlocks when you have the max stars, instead of having to earn max stars by level completion. Buggy+.

    Panzer Geekz (WP)Down with the Axis of Evil!The Down with the Axis of Evil! achievement in Panzer Geekz (WP) worth 274 pointsCollect ALL BABUSHKAS in all levels

    - This cannot be unlocked due to the issues with Level 36 and Level 44. Unobtainable.

    Gameplay Issues:
    * Banked surfaces are extremely hard to navigate, and the banked surfaces in Level 52 and 53 force you to "stick" to the angle you approached the corner at. This makes for a very frustrating experience. Hans has stated that this has been tuned.

    * The mines in Level 53 are very inconsistent, and getting one run that gets past the steps can take an hour or more. Hans has stated that the mines were removed, and presumably the steps will be navigable by manual jumps or completely removed.

    * Certain stages have very high score thresholds for 3 stars. Hans has stated that some of these will be tweaked based on user feedback. Please respond to this thread, or the 3-star Scores thread, on any feedback around scores.

    * Knocking over an object does not always result in receiving points, though it may result in later points or just in a speed boost.

    * The base combo multiplier for each enemy can be artificially raised by booting up the game and quickly loading into a level. Results vary per level, and have been observed to be as high as 6x per enemy in one instance. This effect is a double-edged blade, as the score gained is positive, but the resulting physics changes can be detrimental in finishing a level. Hans has stated that they expect this to be fixed in the next update.

    * 'Back' button does not always respond as expected in the front-end menu.

    Thanks to Johnny Sinister and frenchdawg for the feedback, and to Hans von Knut, Director of PortaPlay, for signing up and responding to our feedback to incorporate into the next update.

    Please post any feedback for the developer here:
  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,455,390
    Posted on 12 January 16 at 18:31
    I have posted this info on your feed as well, but I noticed a few other things.

    1.) I have completed 42 levels so far, but haven't gotten the achievement for completing 40 levels. (obviously, I did not complete level 36). It is possible the achievement is for completing levels 1-40.

    2.) The in-game achievement icon, as seen in you view achievements from the in-game menu, for the level 40 achievement is different from the xbox live tile for the achievement. The in-game icon shows a "54". Not sure if this is relevant to the achievement not unlocking.

    3.) As you have also noted, there may be an issue with the 3-star threshold for level 28. If not glitched, there is a huuuuuge gap between the requirements for 2 and 3 stars. (and I am running out of ways to score more points).
  • MakeMeACoffeeMakeMeACoffee1,128,963
    Posted on 12 January 16 at 18:41
    So you are saying a gametroopers release is broken and has unobtainable achievements?
  • Posted on 12 January 16 at 18:55, Edited on 12 January 16 at 19:00 by Shadow Kisuragi
    Well, the developer claims to have worked with GameTroopers, who extensively tested the achievements and provided them quite a few bug fixes. That seems interesting, however, as Level 36 won't load (which would've prevented 2 achievements), and the Level 40 achievement appears to be meant for getting 3-stars on Level 54, based on the in-game image.

    Level 36's issue should have never gotten through testing, period, unless it's a packaging issue that wasn't detected. The Level 40 achievement could've been a configuration problem or miscommunication between the developer and GameTroopers, who configure the achievement strings and unlock conditions. TA has the Level 40 image as the proper image, so it seems likely that there was a late change in the achievement.

    The stage I'm having issues with is Level 23, Snow Mountain. You can keep the multiplier rolling between the edge of the mountain, and the next soldier, but it's solely based on which tick of the timer you do it with. My best score is 413500 with 2 stars and the babushka. There's a group of soldiers to the left of the edge of the mountain, but I don't know how I'd hit those. I've 3-starred Level 28, Pointy Hill, with 306950.

    I'll make a separate post with the scores I currently have.
  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,455,390
    Posted on 12 January 16 at 21:08
    Update: Can't get level 44 to work either.
  • Posted on 13 January 16 at 10:51
    Hey all, developer PortaPlay of Panzer Geekz, in the house.

    Were very sorry about the bugs that you have experienced.
    We are fixing them as we speak, along with a few other improvements and corrections from feedback from other sites.

    The critical bugs with the 2 unplayable levels are offcause something we are extra sorry about. They were working during tests before launch, but some of the "references" in them, had all of a sudden become "unreferrenced" during the last build, that got submitted.

    We are fixing it as we speak, and will push an update very soon.

    -regards, Hans von Knut
  • MusquitoMusquito809,084
    Posted on 13 January 16 at 11:57
    I got some other issues:
    * "Back" (The arrow on the WP) does not work. I always have to close the game by holding the back button and press the cross in the top right corner.
    * "Rate Me" does not unlock the achievement. You can only unlock the achievement when prompted to rate the game. Unfortunately I chose "No thanks" and I do not get another prompt.
    You always get back what you reflected into the mirror.
  • frenchdawgfrenchdawg1,047,754
    Posted on 13 January 16 at 14:00
    Level 52 and level 53 are nightmares.

    Level 52 - tank doesn't steer when on the curved wall. Makes this level just about impossible unless you get some kind of very lucky launch that guides you through, which I haven't yet after many tries.

    Level 53 - The mines at the start struggle to launch you not only high enough, but also shoot you off course or turn your tank around. After MANY tries I have only gotten the mines to launch me up once without issue. This needs to be less luck based or simpler because it is extremely frustrating. The curved wall component is again mostly unresponsive when steering.
  • Posted on 13 January 16 at 15:41
    Thank you for joining our community just to post about the feedback on Reddit!
    We'll try to keep this thread updated regarding any other feedback we find.

    Regarding the "references", I presume you're using Unreal 3. I've seen that happen before in the past, and you're not the first title to have the issue in recent memory for Windows Phone. As long as we can get an update for it, we're willing to wait. dance

    Thank you for taking our feedback into consideration.
  • Posted on 13 January 16 at 16:06
    Were actually using Unity, where sometimes things get corrupted and loosing connection.
    Its not too bad, but once in a odd while "things just happens".
    -so we need to step up on the testing :)

    The tank does steer on the curved wall, but it just hard to "grasp" as left/right becomes "up/down", when your on a 90 degree angle. -takes some getting used to.
    Personally my brain have never allowed me to complete "Super" due to this, but several of the team can do it :).
    And as a tip for the mine, The more straight on and in the middle you hit the mine, the more straight up and forward, it launches you.

    Thanks a lot for all the feedback, we are working as we speak on fixing it all (also the missing achivement on the "rate me" button).
  • Posted on 13 January 16 at 17:21, Edited on 13 January 16 at 18:00 by Shadow Kisuragi
    Unity? Well, that would make sense as you're looking to port to other platforms, and Unity seems to have better built-in support for that.

    As for the tank controls and tank behavior in general, the tank weight seems to be too light for the physics engine. I've had many instances where the tank will just fly off when bouncing off something, and landing the tank on non-flat surfaces often causes it to bounce off in another direction or flip around in a different direction, halting any progress. I've found that adjusting the tank while in-flight helps negate some of this effect, but navigating banked surfaces in general seems to have over-exaggerated effects.

    There are also issues with the physics in general when the tank's axis changes, especially with acceleration being stored. Get a speed boost and get pushed up against an object. If the tank frees itself, it'll launch off like a rocket in whatever direction it ended up going in. I've used it to my advantage to finish a stage I shouldn't have a couple times, but I've launched myself off the board and into the kids quite a few times.

    Level 48 requires 135 stars, but Level 49 requires 134 stars. Is this intentional?

    Also, would it be possible to confirm what the unlock condition for the "3/4 of the way..." achievement currently is? We're going to try to 3-star everything available, of course, but it would be nice to confirm the intention behind it. Judging by its position in the achievement list, and the images in-game, it seems like getting 3 stars on Level 54 is its intended description.
  • Posted on 13 January 16 at 19:12, Edited on 13 January 16 at 19:18 by Shadow Kisuragi
    I just tried Level 52, and for now did what frenchdawg did - hopped the fence to the flag. laugh

    Unless the intention is to not hit any enemies, it's incredibly difficult to steer on the banked surface. I couldn't turn left to go around the first building. It's not a matter of up/down, unless we have to jump or something. I'll put more time into it later.

    As an addendum to what I said earlier, it may be a problem only affecting me, but the acceleration and handling problems may actually be due to a sharp rise in the Combo Multiplier not meant to be handled. I'm sometimes getting x3 or x4 multipliers for one enemy, and I don't know why. I'll take it for score reasons though.

    There's an issue sometimes where hitting an enemy, especially babushkas, will either result in nothing happening, only receiving a speed boost, or getting the speed boost and the points later when something else hits it. I've had to rehit babushkas numerous times because I didn't get the reward, many of which were on buildings or other objects.

    Pirate Bay has a performance problem if the sheep to the front and right of the spawn are hit - it seems to trigger a load/unload that hitches for a second, making it hard to hit the next set of enemies.
  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,455,390
    Posted on 14 January 16 at 01:31
    Just completed level 52 legitimately. This level is insanely hard and, much like the other issues with the game, are due to the physics.

    The issue with this level seems to be tied with the tank being too light. The reason the tank is uncontrollable in this level is because once you hit the steep curve, your tank leaves the ground ever so slightly. Once off the ground, you experience a hydroplaning effect that just sends you vehicle veering towards the outer edge of the curve.

    The only way I am able to navigate the level is to make a sharp left at the start at the curve and *hope* that the tank doesn't leave the ground. Even though I have pretty much "perfected" the maneuver, it still only works about 10% of the time.

    Even then, the camera angle on the stage is poor because of the steep curve. It is hard to see what is ahead of you when you get to the last straight away.

    Oh, and I got 217k on the level, and it is only worth a bronze star (didn't get the nesting doll). So expect a few attempts.
  • Posted on 14 January 16 at 02:58
    That was essentially my experience as well. Hug the bottom and pray.

    Level 53, on the other hand, I've only been able to land on the other side of the mine area once, and that was backwards when I landed. The mines just don't have enough power to push the tank up 90% of the time.
  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,455,390
    Posted on 14 January 16 at 03:31
    Update: For level 52, it helps a whole bunch if you try to hit every single enemy on the lower (left hand) side of the track right before the steep curve. The impact of all the lined up soldiers seems to ground you enough so you can keep traction when making that turn.

    Unfortunately, I just completed what seemed to be a near perfect run and got 413k (including the babushka) but only got a silver medal. Not sure how much patience I will have for this.
  • Posted on 14 January 16 at 03:49, Edited on 14 January 16 at 04:58 by Shadow Kisuragi
    Level 53, it helps if you angle to jump up on the right side of the first jump - more consistent. However, second jump still eludes me on setup.

    EDIT: For the score, there's an issue right now where you can increase the combo multiplier. Just boot up the game and quickly load up the map you want. If you notice your combo multiplier only going up by x1, just try again. I can get 300k just from getting through the soldiers near the buildings, so you should be able to get the multiplier to get 3 stars on that stage.

    Hit the babushka bridge once. Haven't been able to get back. Phone needs to charge.
  • frenchdawgfrenchdawg1,047,754
    Posted on 14 January 16 at 05:53
    I've only gotten the second mine on 53 to launch me correctly once and that was still pretty dodgy and lucky, mostly it shoots me well off course or spins me around completely. Driving straight onto it seems like the right tactic but most definitely doesn't work the majority of the time. Will try 52 again with the amended tactic but definitely seems like it doesn't work how it is supposed to, turning "up and down" doesn't matter if the tank doesn't respond to the turn buttons
  • Posted on 14 January 16 at 07:32
    I used the multiplier glitch and fluked 52. You can hit the babushka by jumping into the bridge, and slide to the right into the flag.

    54's easy, and both 3/4 and 1000% unlock in just completion.
  • frenchdawgfrenchdawg1,047,754
    Posted on 14 January 16 at 07:52
    I've been trying to get that to work on 52 cause I just haven't had any success steering on the curved wall. Can hit the babushka but no success angling around to the flag yet.

    Still absolutely no luck getting 53 to work. Have made it to the curved wall about 5 times but still having the issue with not being able to steer causing me to fall off it. Made it to the end once on a horrible score and only bronze medal, no babushka either. Hundreds of attempts at both of these levels, really not sure if I have the patience to keep trying without some fixes...
  • Posted on 14 January 16 at 08:38
    Your all right about the level 52 - our bad.

    We rechecked it and there was some challenges getting the tank to turn correctly on tilted surfaces, which we have fixed and it will be included in the update that we are pushing.
    We also tweaked the level "the steps" a bit, so you don't have to use the mines for jumping.
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