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Just not that much fun.

Posted on 14 January 16 at 21:12
According to the site, I played the game for 25 hours and beat it on normal. I only lost one region, never a battle, and quickly got bored with the research. I thought the game would do a much better job on keeping track of your history. Quite frankly a family tree for each starting family and then any family you gain by rewards or such would be listed under that. Doing this you could see who bangs like rabbits and who had the greatest glory. Found it to be very shallow.

The first 150 years is spent learning the game and wondering why the game does a poor job of telling you about the more in-depth parts of the game. How about a chart for the different classes you can make? How about putting stats on research items so I can tell between two weapons, which is better for my hunters? And nobody thought to make some damn pockets to hold crap in? Yes I know that some classes have a skill to add another inventory spot but to restrict everyone else to just one..... and all the different items you can research, wtf is the point if you don't have any pockets to store them in? Worthless.

Don't get me started on that percentage to hit bullcrap. I'm aware of the trait that makes it actually lower so I was damn sure to never use those people. Still, how many times did you have a 75% chance or higher of hitting something and it took multiple reloads to finally work? Even worse is that distance really didn't matter either. Five spots away, one spot away, or no damn spots away. Same crappy outcome. Devs really boned it there. None of their play testers thought it was funny that a high level character with a high level relic could miss at point blank range? What a POS.

This game's only chance was GWG and sadly it didn't help itself to get favorable word of mouth. Like a baseball game, we still wait for a good turn based game, besides MTG, to come to Xbox.

Ahhh to think, had I won that dang powerball, I would've found the right people to usher in a new golden era of long past genres. Instead this POS shows up and has basic flaws that were fixed in the 90s.
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Posted on 14 January 16 at 22:31
I thought it was pretty alright, although it certainly pretends to have a lot more depth than it really does. Quite simple when you understand how the bloodline stuff works. I think the combat is still better than bullshit like XCOM though, for what it's worth.
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Posted on 15 January 16 at 01:56
So are you going for Brutal?
If so even if not going for Iron difficulty it's almost impossibly to get or keep a good trait going.
I thought it was ok, nothing great.
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Strategy One
Posted on 09 August 16 at 04:47
To beat the game on Iron Brutal it requires patience and constantly re-trying (save Scumming). You can waste so much time. If you are looking for fun iron Brutal isnt the way to go.
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