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Finding friends.

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    Posted on 18 January 16 at 01:11, Edited on 18 January 16 at 01:18 by SENTINAL 107
    Ok so lets say you used someone's code and now you can't add any more why is that?shock

    Because you can't, the game only allows it once, even if you delete that friend its still a one time deal.angry

    If you don't have a Facebook account I suggest you get one its not that hard to set up.

    Once you have an account go to the Dragon Mania Leganes Facebook page, then go to "tips for finding friends" link .

    Hit most recent comments and be pro active and start looking for plays that use your platform device and add them as a friend if they accept your request they will show up in your in game friends list.

    If you decide to post a comment for others to add you, leave your friend code for new players and remember to specify your platform device so others now what you play on.
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  • SENTINAL 107SENTINAL 107314,557
    Posted on 21 March 16 at 17:30
    I posted this because the other thread seem to be all over the place.
  • Posted on 21 April 18 at 09:06
    Ok; I'm way late to this discussion and I assume that you've already figured it out, but the recruitment code is used in two different ways:

    1) You can use a recruitment code to add somebody as a friend. You can do this until you've filled up your friend's list (which I think is 150 friends);

    2) You can also use somebody else's referral code to give them credit for a referral. This is done by going to the lighthouse/friend's list as well, but is the top most link in one of the windows (sorry, I don't remember which) and you can only use this once as you can only give one friend credit, and the bonus that comes with it, for recruiting/inviting you to the game. This is probably where you were having an issue.

    But, again, by now you've probably already figured this out. Hopefully this will help out somebody else having this issue.
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