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Posted on 18 January 16 at 08:32, Edited on 18 January 16 at 08:45 by CodeMonkeysGuy
I go away for like 4 months and suddenly this guy has all but 4 (not counting the glitched Basic 1-1... but he's #2 technically all but 5... there also might be 2 glitched ones but I can't remember exactly so we'll say he's missing 4) #1 placements across all 50 bloody maps.

Not to mention, on every map but Advanced 3-2 and 3-3, his region is USA and rank is Helmsman, but then on that one map he's Gunner and apparently in Hungary. Which is weird. Maybe fishy. But mostly weird.

Who is this guy and why does he suddenly own everything? What happened, professional WR poachers? I thought you were da bes :(((((

Real talk though, what the hell happened; like, there's generally a crowd of people you see among the top 10 (Malefic, Raezie, Waffle, Kronos, etc.) but there's usually not one person poaching like every single map.

Not like the WR was already hard enough to get or anything. Not that I believe that I'll ever be skilled enough to get one (and certainly not as this rate) but this is seriously ridiculous.
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Posted on 18 January 16 at 08:36
Actually, I take it back. I recognize the best time for Advanced 2-1 since I was working on that one for a bit (still only managed to get #16 there though...).

It's just LP2 PS3 with a name-change. Whoopie.

kill me
I work on achievements. Life sanity tip: don't work on achievements.
Posted on 19 May 16 at 10:49, Edited on 19 May 16 at 10:54 by CodeMonkeysGuy
Xbox 360 WR times list as of May 19th, 2016. Times are owned by Zongorillacska (formerly LP2 ps3) unless otherwise stated.

1-1: GLITCHED AT 00'01'034; legitimate best time is 00'29'521 by Zongorillacska
1-2: 00'30'522
1-3: 00'35'024
1-4: 00'31'554
1-5: 00'31'423
2-1: 00'29'861 by CESAR ZAITH (to note, he's the owner of the glitched 1-1 time)
2-2: 00'31'922
2-3: 00'32'022
2-4: 00'33'256
2-5: 00'31'954
3-1: 00'30'787
3-2: 00'30'855
3-3: 00'30'625
3-4: 00'30'920
3-5: 00'30'890
4-1: 01'58'451
4-2: 02'01'452
4-3: 02'01'170
4-4: 2'02'956
4-5: 2'04'472
5-1: 00'39'061
5-2: 00'38'160
5-3: 00'40'361
5-4: 00'41'796
5-5: 00'40'163

1-1: 00'42'330
1-2: 00'11'910
1-3: 00'14'911
1-4: 00'19'348
1-5: 44000
2-1: 00'46'499
2-2: 00'07'433 by ZXEVA (TA member)
2-3: 00'17'578
2-4: 00'27'086
2-5: 43500
3-1: 00'43'864
3-2: 00'10'941
3-3: 00'15'878
3-4: 00'14'977
3-5: 40500 by TealRedeemer (TA member)
4-1: 01'04'347
4-2: 00'10'207
4-3: 00'26'786
4-4: 00'31'907
4-5: 33500 by PRTM CLUESCROL*
5-1: 00'46'798
5-2: 00'07'538 by Raikou xHakumen (TA member)**
5-3: 00'35'291
5-4: 00'19'653
5-5: 42500

* 33500 is a tie for first place with Zongorillacska, and I'm curious about whether a tie for #1 leaves you in spot #2 and onwards, or whether you get the #1 spot just for tying. Want clarification from someone with experience.
** The only leaderboard where Zongorillacska isn't either #1 or #2. He's sitting sadly at #8 laugh

anyways uh yeah god help us all

I mean obviously since it's not 100% pure Zong all the way down, it shows his times can be beaten. But daaaaaaamn. Dude blocks mad hard.
I work on achievements. Life sanity tip: don't work on achievements.
Ereaser NL
Ereaser NL
Posted on 06 July 16 at 09:35
I've never gotten close to any of these times, so not getting my hopes up of ever getting number 1 unless they reset the leaderboards and I'm there early :P
Posted on 14 August 16 at 21:38
ditto, Ereaser NL...
Posted on 06 December 16 at 20:23
I used to have the WR for Advanced 2-3 but this Zon guy's beaten it by over 3 seconds, pretty sure he's introduced a suicide strat to the course where you throw a disc grenade at your feet to stop the clock before all the targets are actually dead.

It was bad enough running that track with a near instant retry time (because it requires insane aiming precision) but now you have to spend more time prepping for the run than the 17 seconds it takes to actually run it.

If his WR's are really that optimised for all of the 40+ courses he holds, good luck to anyone attempting to get Number 1 in 2016, 2017 and beyond. I feel like you'd be throwing a significant portion of your life away trying to beat this guy.

And honestly I'm not sure if the WR's held by people other than Zon are worth going for either. Zon could just be slacking on them or the current WR holder might be even more insane than him...
Posted on 04 April 17 at 18:32
If tied, you still get the nom
Confirmed by PRTM himself.
hyper devil cat
Posted on 23 August 17 at 15:59
I've been trying to get number 1 since this game came out. The last 4 weeks I've been playing only Lost Planet 2, with the occasional GRAW session, and have gotten no where close to any top 10. This game is almost 8 years old, why can't we get a leaderboard reset :(. This is the only thing holding me back from completing the game 100%.
Posted on 25 October 17 at 10:43, Edited on 25 October 17 at 10:43 by Savenal
Just found one topic... Maybe it can help anyone
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