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Modern Sculpture Collectible Piece

  • WozzbyWozzby1,257,824
    Posted on 24 January 16 at 08:30
    In a guide for the Ultimate Collector achievement, someone posted a list of every collectible piece in the game. I checked all of my stores and the only one I am missing is the Modern Sculpture. The guide also states that the only two pieces you don't get automatically from the story are obtained by building ten cannons and kicking 300 Keflings. I kicked 300 Keflings and saw a quest appear that I finished to receive the collectible piece called Brothers Totem. I also remember getting the quest for the cannons after having built one cannon, but I've built at least ten more after that (because I got the achievement for building 53 cannons), but I don't remember getting a reward from it. Does anyone know how to get the Modern Sculpture?
  • MakeMeACoffeeMakeMeACoffee1,084,182
    Posted on 27 August 19 at 18:46
    For completeness, because I also needed this information and couldn't find it anywhere:

    To unlock "Modern Sculpture" you have to build a mansion in the forest area, then talk to the robot.
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