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Retail Releases: Week of January 25th, 2016

  • Posted on 26 January 16 at 04:29
    TrimSkink DSG said:Juicyjams said:NawtyCawty said:Will definitely get Lego Avengers. Don't need to wait for a sale either because I'm not poorYou should be ashamed of yourself for saying things like this.My thoughts exactly.Gonna have to echo this here... pretty dick thing to say
  • Exia Of WarExia Of War110,546
    Posted on 26 January 16 at 05:35
    Marvel Super Heroes was really fun. Hope this is much of the same.
  • AceMcCloudAceMcCloud204,019
    Posted on 26 January 16 at 07:48
    LEGO Marvel Superheroes was the first Lego game for me that didn't become a chore to complete and I finished wanting more DLC, so pre-ordered this one for day one purchase to show support and hopefully encourage them to do more Marvel games.
  • MugenKairoMugenKairo262,223
    Posted on 26 January 16 at 08:14
    CanadianWhizKid said:Darzlat said:I think I'll buy Lego marvel's avengers.Unless you can wait for Christmas or next year, as it will likely drop in price. I bought most of my other Lego games for $5 each by waiting for the sales.I find the LEGO games are good but not great, usually waiting for a decent discount.
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  • Stevo6483Stevo6483275,980
    Posted on 26 January 16 at 09:46
    BALD ELVIS said:I'm gonna wait 'til I grow some tits before I pick up Lego Avengers.Haha! This ^^
    Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas... Whatever!
  • nal81nal81505,194
    Posted on 27 January 16 at 03:39
    How about before we get any more lego games they release the final chapter of the hobbit. Smaug still hasn't been dealt with and the people of lake town have been waiting for our help for almost 2 years now.

    Seriously does anybody know why the game hasn't been followed up on. Did it perform poorly?
  • Dannyy1221Dannyy1221200,200
    Posted on 27 January 16 at 10:46
    NO1KEV said:AlwayzLIFTED said:I'm sick of Lego titles. I won't spend more money on themI thought I was the only one! I've got 3 in my backlog but just cant be bothered to do them. Spending 30 odd hours collecting all the red/gold bricks is just painfully boring. (I.e. Lego batman 2 zzzzz.....!)I personally prefer doing the collecting part compared the story mode in the lego games.
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