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001 - The Challenges of Challenges

Posted on 27 January 16 at 05:08
Show notes are available on http://www.zedtozed.com/

Our first episode! We introduce ourselves and the podcast, discuss the ins and outs of the Xbox One challenges system, some news, our first "Knobs and Discos" (unobtainable and discontinued achievements) report, and more.

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Opening/closing music: "Jive Bot" by Jake Kaufman from the game Mighty Switch Force! developed and published by WayForward Technologies

All audio production and podcast backend support provided by Tarragon Allen.


Brandon Fream aka "Freamwhole" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

Tarragon Allen aka "zzUrbanSpaceman" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

Randy aka "Crandy" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

0:00:00 - Intro

Game: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (aka "GRAW")
True Achievements aka "TA", the best Xbox stat tracking website out there
The "Bean Dive" event
The "Great TrueAchievement Score Challenge 2015
0:17:51 - Recap

Extra Life 2015 World Record Attempt
Great Random To Do List Challenge 2015
Achievement: "Seriously ..." from Gears of War
Achievement: "7 Day Survivor" from Dead Rising
Achievement: "Frank the Pimp" from Dead Rising
Achievement: "A Little Help From My Friend" in Project Spark
Achievement: "Hit Maker" in Project Spark
Glitch to unlock all achievements at once in 2006 FIFA World Cup
Achievement: "Beat the Host Nation" from 2006 FIFA World Cup
0:44:15 - Talking Zeds: The Challenges of Challenges

Mike Ybarra discusses challenges on The Inner Circle (TIC) podcast 20th November 2015
smrnov's thoughts on challenges
Game: Condemned: Criminal Origins - only 960 gamerscore
Game: The Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle-Earth II - 705 GS - only 705 gamerscore
Achievement: "Gen 10" from Titanfall - zero gamerscore
Achievement: "Seraphic Gatekeeper" achievement from Infinite Undiscovery - 1 gamerscore
Achievement: "Celebrity" achievement from Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - zero gamerscore
Achievement: "True Elite" achievement from Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - zero gamerscore
Challenge: "A day long remembered" challenge from Star Wars Battlefront
1:19:24 - News, Knobs and Discos

Glitches and bugs:

Fallout 4 Bottle Caps Glitch has been patched at time of writing
Achievement: "The First Step" achievement from Fallout 4 - doesn't unlock for some
Achievement: "Compulsive" achievement from Rise of the Tomb Raider - unlocks early for some
Game: Spectra - resume trick to pass all races
Knobs (unobtainable achievements):

Achievement: Better Together achievement from Don Bradman Cricket
Achievement: Challenger achievement from Toy Soldiers: War Chest
Achievement: Epic achievement from Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition
Achievement: BFA achievement from Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition
Discos (discontinued achievements):

Watchlist for Potential Discontinued Achievements list maintained by matdan12
Achievement: World of Contraptions achievement from Amazing Alex (WP)
Achievement: Hired Gun achievement from Halo 2 (PC) - thought to be discontinued but can be unlocked solo
Games with Gold:

CastleStorm (Xbox 360)
Sacred 3
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
Other news:

True Achievement's My First Achievement page
Twitter #My1stAchievement
Game delays:

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Backwards compatibility:

Ms. Pac-Man - possible leak of future BC title
1:41:41 - Wrap up and outro


The Achievement Hounds Community and Podcast
Xbox Achievements

"1K" - Complete the base gamerscore in a game, typically 1000 points, thus 1K. Sometimes used to refer to a completion in general.
"TA" - True Achievements, either the score type or the website
"Knobs" - Unobtainable achievements - achievements that have never been unlockable
"Discos" - Discontinued achievements - achievements that are no longer unlockable, probably due to online server shutdowns
"Bean Dive" - Yearly challenge on True Achievements aiming to earn at least one achievement in every game in your backlog, coined by it's creator, Beanpotter

Read more at http://zedtozed.com/001-the-challenges-of-challenges#6B....99
I host a podcast about gamerscore and achievements, check it out! http://zedtozed.com/
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