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005 - Guest: Jack Watling (WebChimp UK) from True Achievements, What Are Regiona

Posted on 27 January 16 at 05:12
005 - Guest: Jack Watling (WebChimp UK) from True Achievements, What Are Regional Stacks

We speak with Jack Watling, a developer from TrueAchievements.com, about the site and about regional stacks and what they are, address some listener feedback, news, knobs, and more!

Show notes are available on http://www.zedtozed.com/

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Opening/closing music: "Jive Bot" by Jake Kaufman from the game Mighty Switch Force! developed and published by WayForward Technologies

All audio production and podcast backend support provided by Tarragon Allen.


Brandon Fream aka "Freamwhole" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

Tarragon Allen aka "zzUrbanSpaceman" - TrueAchievements - Xbox


Jack Watling aka "WebChimp UK" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

0:00:00 - Intro

Sponsored Achievement: I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!
Birdwatcher 4 and Thumbwrestler Xtreme XXL
0:05:42 - Listener Feedback

Thanks: doughboyeeeeee, Facial La Fleur, AHP The Nyghty, the letter's zed and zee, Xtowers, @buckmarley155, @NBAKirkland, @kooshmoose, @GSPopcast, @MclovinLegend1 and the no buy challenge!, @Muetsch, @jjasonw, @jasonkerr214, @GTMontana97, @bigell69 for smartglass tip <3
z2z.com - yes, that's really what we look like ;)
Achievement: 7 Day Survivor from Dead Rising
Achievements: True Elite from: Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men (JP), Kane and Lynch: Dead Men (PC)
Achievement: Fool's Gold from Wipeout 2
Achievement: El Dorado from Wipeout 2
Achievement: Transcend from Ascend: Hand of Kul
Tarragon's gaming Kryptonite: Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception
Challenge: Starting Over from State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition
Challenge: Round 3 from Xbox Fitness
0:21:25 - Recap

My Easy Achievements on TrueAchievements.com
0:36:55 - News

Hitman New Year Update
Free EA Access Jan 19-24 2015
Achievement: Too Legit to Quit from Titanfall - can be locked out forever by in game action
DC Universe Online coming to Xbox One
Microsoft rejects Hololens/LoL proposal
#IDARB Title Update
TrueAchievements.com Annual Site Leaderboard 2015
1:05:23 - Interview: Jack Watling aka "WebChimp UK" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

1:20:13 - Tech Talk: Regional Stacks

Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! regional stacks
Bioshock regional stacks
Dynasty Warriors regional stacks
Mafia II (EEU)
Bionic Commando: Rearmed (DE/JP/KR)
Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do (TW)
Soldier of Fortune: Payback (AU)
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (CA/DE/FR)
Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed
Wolfenstein 3D (NA)
1:51:09 - Knobs and Discos

Achievement: Down with the Axis of Evil from Panzer Geekz (WP) - unobtainable at this time
Several other bugs with Panzer Geekz (WP) discussed here: Achievement / Game Breaking Issues thread by Shadow Kisuragi
More achievement and bugs discussion on the Reddit post: my friend just released their game panzer geekz
1:52:19 - Game Delay Roundup

Gears of War 4 forward to Fall 2016?
@GoneHomeGame responds regarding NA only release
1:54:36 - Zombie News Corner

Capcom job openings

Glossary of Xbox Gamerscore and achievement jargon and terms: http://zedtozed.com/xbox-gamerscore-and-achievement-glossary

Read more at http://zedtozed.com/#IeOclbqYk1myJhoM.99
I host a podcast about gamerscore and achievements, check it out! http://zedtozed.com/
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