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    Posted on 28 January 16 at 07:47
    Please use this thread to discuss the Gone Home: Console Edition walkthrough
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  • Warboy925Warboy925386,328
    Posted on 28 September 17 at 16:52
    Sweet!!!! Another awesome guide by LifeExpectancy!!! Can't wait till its free on Oct 1st!!!
  • Posted on 04 October 17 at 04:30, Edited on 04 October 17 at 04:56 by Signal24Code20
    Maybe I'm blind, but where do u turn the modifiers on?

    Edit: nevermind, I was blind.
    Thin Blue Line
  • KBÇAKBÇA195,513
    Posted on 18 November 17 at 18:55
    Nice walkthrough. Just a suggestion put the time the video starts for the 4 main parts of the walkthrough.
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