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6180 the moon Walkthrough Discussion

Information Posted on 31 January 16 at 08:53
Please use this thread to discuss the 6180 the moon walkthrough
Information Posted on 19 June 16 at 21:10
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: 6180 the moon Walkthrough
Posted on 20 June 16 at 01:56
It looks like the WT states 960GS, with 15 of 16 achievements listed. Just FYI.
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Itzz Sh0wt1m3
Itzz Sh0wt1m3
Posted on 20 June 16 at 07:47
Daeryoon said:It looks like the WT states 960GS, with 15 of 16 achievements listed. Just FYI.Thanks, for some reason one achievement was not added or got deleted during the creation. Should show 1000/1000 not too long from now.
Posted on 20 June 16 at 09:06
Updated with the full list by Showtime - should be published now.
Mr Rodster
Mr Rodster
Posted on 03 November 16 at 03:45
"There is also another achievement which you can unlock during this level. Simply do not pick up the white orb, to unlock another achievement. This should not be too much of a trouble."

I'm not sure that is true. I tried several times and did not get the achievement until I picked up the orb but did not use it. Others have reported similar results.
NOLL Scoffen
NOLL Scoffen
Posted on 22 January 17 at 23:49
Just a correction to the "Faster Than Light" achievement: you HAVE to pick up the white orb, you just can't use it - if you finish the level without picking it up it won't unlock.
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