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easy mode blocked or not the achievement ?

Gannicus Juteu
Posted on 02 February 16 at 00:02
hello all , for information , i just want say this .

because at the easy mode , a message say than difficult block some achievement .

thank you for the renseignement .

sorry for my english
Posted on 02 February 16 at 09:26, Edited on 02 February 16 at 09:26 by ChillzMaster
I believe you're reading the other mode for the game, "Endless" mode which is a survival-type affair as "Easy" mode. The game has no difficulty setting. You can unlock "Endless" mode by beating The Jack of Plague boss.
Gannicus Juteu
Posted on 02 February 16 at 11:26
euh no , when after a create de deck , 3 options : and the card center as a difficult mode , i try to screen this
The Allslayer
The Allslayer
Posted on 02 February 16 at 14:42
Did you get the DLC? Reading the guide on Playstationtrophies it looks like it added difficulty options of some sort. Playing on "Apprentice" (easy) will prevent some of the achievements from the original list from unlocking.
Gannicus Juteu
Posted on 02 February 16 at 15:48
i have not DLC , but i have try to infinite game in easy and no achievement :(

for change a difficult : create a deck : 3 cards appears ( left : weapon , center : difficult , right : encounter .

perhaps for collection cards is possible in easy mode , i test this
ArmS II Archeur
Posted on 02 February 16 at 19:33
I'm on easy (now) in infinite mode and ... No cheevos :/
Posted on 03 February 16 at 04:10
I managed to get "Release the Minotaur!" on easy mode (story).

I was thinking about playing easy mode to unlock all the cards and then fine tune my deck to go after the harder/luck based achieves.
Gannicus Juteu
Posted on 05 February 16 at 16:58
i have give an easy mode :

Release the Lava Golems!33 (10)
Complete the Fire in the Deep encounter.

Release the Lich!34 (10)
Complete the Lich encounter.

Combat Ready10 (5)
Have at least 1 of each type of equipment in your inventory.

Master of Traps30 (5)
Bash 5 enemies into traps in a single session.
Posted on 06 February 16 at 05:39
Easy mode blocks the stat achievements (such as having so much health, money, food etc).

Also may block the achievement for completing the game (Beat it on easy, no achievement).
Posted on 07 February 16 at 08:33
Easy Mode blocks any achievements that can be re-attempted. So anything for having items in your inventory, or defeating the game, or having a certain amount of resources.

Anything that is a 1 time occurrence (mostly obtaining tokens for cards) can be unlocked on easy difficulty.
Posted on 17 March 16 at 14:41
Thanks a lot. I can now unlock achievements. laugh
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