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Gold Medalist Achievement

Posted on 03 February 16 at 00:55
This Achievement is bugged for me. I have every Mission on Gold done with a Friend. He got it but my achievement is still locked. What Can i do now, has anyone experience with This Problem? Greets Fireblade
Posted on 03 February 16 at 11:22
Might be a host issue a lot like saints row IV or saints row in general. what i would do would be load up a mission get gold and see if it pops or do it in co-op the other way around that you and your friend did it.
Posted on 05 February 16 at 02:20
I remember having a similar issue with a buddy when we played co-op. In the end since there were achievements for all 4 characters, we simple switched off who was hosting. Our first run through I was hosting and got the achievement and he didn't. On the second run through to make things go quicker he used his high level character from our first playthrough and I switched to a new level 1 character. This time he hosted, about halfway through the game, it popped for him.

Its either not counting one of the levels correctly so its needs to be replayed or its a hosting issue.
Posted on 09 February 16 at 04:58
I just got this achievement with my co-op partner. They earned the achievement before me however, as it is possible to earn less than gold (i.e. silver) while your partner earns gold.

The medal for the level (bronze, silver, gold) only displays for the host (at least in local co-op). So to see what each individual partner has ranked for that level, you have to actually select the level where it will then break it down by partner. Maybe you were just shy of gold on one or two levels.

Perhaps go into a single player game and check all the level rankings in all four acts and see if you scored silver in any. Hopefully it's not actually bugged for you!
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