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Bombshell Launch Trailer Released

Dat Boi Treezy
Posted on 04 February 16 at 15:24
Bombshell blows up on PC

Please click here to read the story: Bombshell Launch Trailer Released
Posted on 04 February 16 at 15:30
Lost Legends
Lost Legends
Posted on 04 February 16 at 15:31
Looks more like a twin stick game than a third person shooter to me facepalm
Posted on 04 February 16 at 16:50
Only heard bad things about the PC_version..
xLegend of Jay
Posted on 04 February 16 at 20:15
Cool i like the look of this character very bad-ass looking.
Posted on 04 February 16 at 23:48
I really like her look, and the music, and the fact that's its got 3d realms involved, which featured bombshell originally as a character in the original iteration of duke forever ( before they messed with it on and on until it became a shadow of its former self, sadly) but I`m just not sure if executions and all the cool stuff they show are really going to be that epic in a top down shooter. in third person or first person its up close and in your face but in a twin stick looking shooter you`re not really in the action. Still, Ill keep my fingers crossed.
If at first you don't succeed, try even harder. Success or failure, the choice is up to you.
Posted on 07 February 16 at 06:23
Why does the girl in the video remind me of the one from Roundabout? Looks interesting though.
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