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A bit of an issue... I may have ruined my chances for completion...

Posted on 07 February 16 at 19:58
I got all 4 characters above or almost at level 30 without looking at the achievement list...I saw the challenge achievement, but with all my characters and their current equipment, they just decimate everything in act 1.

I haven't tried yet... But what if I go to a town with my level 32 character and equip the lowest weapon? I'm almost done every challenge and it would really suck having to delete my save data and start all over...
Posted on 07 February 16 at 21:19
You can do it that way, its how I completed it. Trying to do them when you just start out and don't have the health and armor can be pain. So after beating the game and maxing out my Ranger, I went back in and equipped low level weapons so that I wasn't doing as much damage.

For the not dying challenges and time challenges I had my best gear on to make things easier. But for the damage challenges, its point based, so the higher you can get your combos the more points you get. So for early levels I would equip low level weapons and as I would progress I would equip slightly better weapons.

You don't have to delete your save, It may take a couple of tries on certain levels, but its not that hard.
N3r0 N3tj4cK
N3r0 N3tj4cK
Posted on 08 February 16 at 00:40
Plug in a second controller as more players seem to toughen up the enemies. That's what I did.
Posted on 08 February 16 at 00:43
Okay, that's good to hear. I bought the dlc the other day too and I have to say, for a short game, it's really fun to be honest. I usually don't like to go for 100% in a lot of games because of the pointless grind, but all the achievements in this one seem pretty fun overall. I really love the coop too. I just wish there were other games that followed this kind of pattern which is also why I'm kinda looking forward to the division.
Posted on 08 February 16 at 22:22
I found a bit of a work around. My neighbour who I sold my 360 to, he just got gwg, so he downloaded the game and I quickly did a few levels with him to get him a few coins and enough levels where he could just attack enough to complete the challenge off while my character just sat there. After that, I just rushed the level. Makes it kind of annoying, but at least it's possible to do beginning challenges thank goodness! Was kind of let down a little bit thinking I'd have to delete one of my characters just for a silly achievement...
Angels Kill Too
Posted on 20 February 16 at 01:54
go to the blacksmith and swap your weapons for weaker ones
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Posted on 03 March 16 at 17:41
I tried that. I maxed out my character's strength, so I'm not able to do that with my characters. I did a few levels with a friend while I just stood there idle and got a few done. Only problem is he doesn't really have a lot of time to play ever, so it's gonna be probably a little while before I'm able to complete the challenge sadly...
Posted on 28 July 16 at 22:24
You can juggle enemies in the air pretty much infinitely increasing your score. As long as your uppercut doesn't kill them first.
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