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I'm Getting Too Old For This

KY PRO 2008
KY PRO 2008
Posted on 08 February 16 at 03:31
just hit 40 here n i feel yah been gaming over 30 years now since the oddesy days if any of yall remember that 1 it was out in 75 or 76 i believe b4 atari n i too have a backlog of nearly 1200 games that i havent started
Posted on 08 February 16 at 03:34
KY PRO 2008 said:just hit 40 here n i feel yah been gaming over 30 years now since the oddesy days if any of yall remember that 1 it was out in 75 or 76 i believe b4 atari n i too have a backlog of nearly 1200 games that i havent startedThose damn Steam sales eh? laugh
Wumbo Woody
Wumbo Woody
Posted on 08 February 16 at 03:34
This is why ive pretty much begun sticking with multiplayer games or game i know i can stop and just play for a bit...i play a few games...get off just do it for progression..i like died away from all story games and have tried to play sandbox or level games with no luck. I play League of Legends way tooo much but i play 3 games then get off for the night while watching tv...i dont have to pay attention to story and invest all my time and concentration.
Posted on 08 February 16 at 03:37
Man i agree.
The only part i feel you didn't touch on was the achievement/gamerscore component. It's hard to justify 100 hours for 1000g when you could complete 5 to 10 games in that time.
You are right - adult stuff sucks.
100% Completed Games: 120 Proudest 100%: Dead Island 1250/1250
Posted on 08 February 16 at 03:38
glad you included a picture of assassins creed unity. I just finished it and when I opened the map for the first time I was like what the heck? way to much in games nowadays. If they don't have multiplayer they feel like the single player campaign has to include a lot of crap. I am all for collectibles that add to the story. But, opening every chest, etc... doesn't make sense. They just add that stuff to keep you playing a game that is long needed to be put down.
Posted on 08 February 16 at 03:39
41 here and only do the parts of the games that have achievements.
Best ln Philly
Posted on 08 February 16 at 03:50
20 here. Gaming destroys my life.

In my experience it is impossible to be a completionist and still have a "life".

I wish I could enjoy open world games again, but when you have other obligations than gaming 24/7 if it takes 20 hours to finish a game that's a significant amount of time.
Johnny Ola
Johnny Ola
Posted on 08 February 16 at 03:50
Nice article. I'm in the same boat. I like to finish games 100% (or at least as close to 100% as possible) so I really only play a few games a year. Yes, I inevitably miss out on lots of great games, but really, who has the time (or the money)?

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 08 February 16 at 03:51
You had a kid/kids. Deal with it. You just effectively gave up your life. Quite frankly I hope this stands as a warning to others. Kids aren't for everyone. As for sandbox games, they're boring after about 30 hours. Do all the interesting stuff and leave the dull grinds to the insane completionists who've never touched a breast. XD

You're supposed to choose what inrigues/excites you in sandbox games, stop feeling you have to do EVERYTHING, especially crappy collectibles/synchronisation/meaningless bullshit. Play for fun. FUN!
Posted on 08 February 16 at 03:53
Getting old gaming means having to hover your thumb over the pause button while playing GTA or Gears in case any of your children walk in the room.

Since I have less time to myself, I try to get my kids involved. My oldest is a big fan of Skylanders and the Lego series. It also means I have to pick and choose my games better. I will play Fallout to completion, and not care that I'm missing out on something like RorTR or Just Cause 3. Those are in my radar for later, but I can wait.
Posted on 08 February 16 at 04:17
Totally agree with this article! I often don't even play big releases because I know I don't have the time to even try to explore them. I have better things to do with my limited gaming time than to wander about aimlessly.
Snow Brigade
Snow Brigade
Posted on 08 February 16 at 04:19, Edited on 08 February 16 at 04:21 by Snow Brigade
Thank you for writing this. I have only a year on you but have been feeling this more and more lately as well. It's a tough feeling to lose time for something you love, especially something that spouses certain people don't take very seriously smile

If there's one thing i've learned though, it's to never turn down a social activity so you can run around collecting digital items.
Gears n' beers
Posted on 08 February 16 at 04:20
there are a lot of mid-20s people here complaining about growing up and stuff, and that this is somehow having an impact on their gaming. you're wrong. it's not the AGE, it's the actual priorities you have in life. i'm in the mid-30s, i have a fulltime job, but i do not have a family, i don't socialize much, i don't read books and don't have many other hobbies. so i get a lot of free time to game, which i do.
i sometimes get sick to death with gaming, so i take a break. but that is not because of my age, it's just that i need a break.
I think, therefore I game.
Posted on 08 February 16 at 04:26
This is exactly how I feel. Back when I was in high school, pouring hundreds of hours into Phantasy Star Online was fun and consequence-free. Now that I'm married with kids and a full-time job, I'm completely put off by the magnitude of many AAA games these days. I see articles boasting of how "doing everything in the Witcher 3 will take 200 hours!" and I think, "Good to know. I won't be buying that game, then."

I much prefer getting value at the lower end, for more focused games. Paying $20 for Ori and the Blind Forest and enjoying a beautiful, nearly perfectly constructed platformer for 8-10 hours is infinitely better than paying $60 for GTA V and giving up after 16 hours because it's just another bad case of "jack of all trades, master of none."
Posted on 08 February 16 at 05:15
I totally agree, games have become bonkers... I recently dug out my old Sega Saturn, an old CRT TV, virtua cop and light gun. It was the best 2 hours of gaming I've had in years!!! I completed the game and was completely satisfied with my experience... Yet... Would still be completely happy to play it again a whole bunch of times just for the fun of it, to get better scores, do it without losing lives etc.
An example of a perfectly formed short game that we just never get anymore.
Posted on 08 February 16 at 05:30
I feel you bro.
Posted on 08 February 16 at 05:32
Out of all adult stuff I will agree that having children eats a decent portion of your free time; gaming or otherwise. Luckily I have a partner with her own interests so once the kids are down I get a good couple of hours gaming in.

Fallout 4 is something I'm enjoying at the minute but I just feel that the time I spend doing side missions/exploring I could be playing other games. I do love the fact that companies are trying to cram ad much as they can on the disk. Well some companies anyway.

Gaming is much bigger now that it was 20 years ago and there's so many choices in any genre you can think of there should never be an unhappy gamer in this day and age.
KBop a doo
KBop a doo
Posted on 08 February 16 at 06:00
Awesome job, I wrote something with this exact sentiment for a writing class a few years ago. Even when time does allow, sometimes I get home from a day of work and just plain don't feel like gaming because I'm exhausted. It's sad, but part of life I guess, now there are different things to enjoy.
HOBO Gord420
HOBO Gord420
Posted on 08 February 16 at 06:02
Maybe it's not the games industry that's going down the shitter, maybe it's my love for games.

Is call of duty getting worse each year? Or do I just like competitive shooters less as I age?

Does Ubisoft make anything good anymore? Or would 20 year old me love Assassins Creed XIV - Maid In Manhattan....?
When I have kids Im naming them Ctrl, Alt and Delete then if they mess up I can hit them all at once
Doctor Arc
Doctor Arc
Posted on 08 February 16 at 06:07
an Amen to the author.
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