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How to find someone for local co-op achievements

  • TA SamTA Sam247,912
    Posted on 09 February 16 at 08:46
    Hello, all. I wanted to share a method I thought of a couple weeks ago and I ended up finding someone on TA using it. I won't take credit for it but so far I haven't seen anyone mention it.
    -Go to the 2015 TA Leaderboards
    -Filter to your region and country (For me it was in Oregon in the US)
    -Filter games to Music/Rhythm games
    Hopefully you find someone near you that can help! It's obviously still very luck based whether you find someone or not but it's a little more effective than just making a session hoping someone near you sees it.
    Sam, your friendly GoW cheevo booster :)
  • Posted on 14 January 17 at 19:38
    Hey Sam, where is the 2015 TA Leaderboards?
  • Posted on 12 November 17 at 14:10
    would be really useful! But I do not find the section
  • Posted on 01 May 18 at 17:31
    Is there anyone in Scotland who wants to do this?
    Mr. Negative
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