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First-Person Horror Visage Funded For Consoles

  • Funky MonkeeFunky Monkee1,277,291
    Posted on 13 February 16 at 22:57
    Looks great. Loving the slow but steady increase in these kinds of horror games on console. Can't wait for Layers of Fear next week
  • Posted on 14 February 16 at 01:20
    Glad to see a good anount of horror games coming to xbox. This october i should have a good amount of horror to play.
  • BigNev44BigNev441,702,530
    Posted on 14 February 16 at 04:21

    Bring on more Survival Horror games!
  • Posted on 14 February 16 at 04:36

    Keep the Horror games coming, my heart thanks you
  • PsycosuicidalPsycosuicidal1,114,114
    Posted on 14 February 16 at 08:58
    I am in. I luv me some horror if it is done correctly.
  • MashedPeas11MashedPeas11703,360
    Posted on 14 February 16 at 10:45
    Looks fantastic. clap
  • KexolKexol423,368
    Posted on 14 February 16 at 16:31
    I was looking at this kickstarter and I knew I had to support it. Awesome news!
  • Angels Kill TooAngels Kill Too1,514,507
    Posted on 14 February 16 at 21:05
    looks really great :)
    Everything will be fine in the End... If it's not fine... Then it's not the End...
  • TuKraZeTuKraZe1,330,529
    Posted on 15 February 16 at 10:46
    This looks amazing. The level of detail really makes you feel like you are there.
  • Posted on 16 November 20 at 11:49
    I plan on starting this game very soon. Been interested since I first seen the pc trailer a couple years ago. It's great it's finally on consoles
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