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TA Podcast: Episode 24

  • JASON3535JASON3535640,134
    Posted on 20 February 16 at 02:39Permalink
    Well they still aren't all unique users yet but the population is increasing . Xbox phone doesn't have the space or plug-ins yet probably . They're still trying to get basic apps it doesn't seem right though the platform is improving though. I am looking forward to checking a few of these out though. Glad everyone had a great time
  • XystraXystra114,124
    Posted on 21 February 16 at 04:17Permalink
    that column on the right side, showing all the other podcast articles... why don't we have those for TA Top Five and Easter Egg articles? and any other "series" of articles?
  • Posted on 22 February 16 at 23:03Permalink
    Finally caught up with the show: thanks so much for the shout out! Anyone interested in the Zed to Zed podcast can find it at our website - - as well as all the usual podcast applications. We're also on Stitcher and YouTube ( if you prefer to listen that way.

    We love hearing feedback and we try and respond to everything we get, so please free to drop us a line on twitter @zedtozed or you can contact any one of the hosts on TA. I make a blog post for each episode, and you can respond there too.

    And there's the leaderboard too: Zed to Zed Podcast

    I host a podcast about gamerscore and achievements, check it out!
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant481,915
    Posted on 09 March 16 at 10:09Permalink
    HolyHa1fDead said:DaveKinetic said:HolyHa1fDead said:I hope you celebrated reaching 300,000 TA members on 9th February.We hit 300,000 in September last year.Well then, lot's of them must be in hiding. What we did hit on the 9th was 300,000 tracked gamertags - Gamer by GamerScoreWrong leaderboard - if you look at the home page, there is 376,000, so a lot have been removed from the boards, I am guessing they have been punished under the cheater policy.
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