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Assassins Creed Rogue Glitch. HELP!!!

Posted on 22 February 16 at 08:44
Can anyone help me with this glitch on Assassins Creed Rogue. When I kill James Wardrop the cutscene plays so I know he is dead but the objective never updates so I can't progress. Objective still says kill James Wardrop. Anyone know how I can fix this. I have tried leaving animus and re entering and I have tried restarting level. Killed him multiple times now and I'm getting bored of it....
Gordon ''Riggnarok'' (GriffinMunki)
Posted on 24 February 16 at 14:36
Yikes! Sorry to hear that, I had no issue with this. I hope you can get some help with it.
Posted on 27 February 16 at 16:24
I got help directly from Ubisoft eventually, thanks for your reply!
Gordon ''Riggnarok'' (GriffinMunki)
Posted on 30 July 17 at 00:23
What did they tell you to do?? Got this on my 2nd playthough and am about to skip ahead to Unity... annoying!!
Spartan Green
Posted on 14 April 19 at 18:27
Hi, I'm facing a similar issue where mortars don't work at all and the ship's appearance can't be modified unless the modification hasn't been purchased already. Could you tell us how Ubisoft helped and what they told you to do to solve your issue?
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