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Time Heals

I Argonaut I
I Argonaut I
Posted on 25 February 16 at 04:43
Did this card disappear for anyone else after Title 2 update?
I Argonaut I
I Argonaut I
Posted on 25 February 16 at 05:05
Found it... You have to play through the Goblin encounter cards to get it back.
Posted on 25 February 16 at 14:27
They have done that with several other cards, as well. Of the top of my head, the following cards have been shuffled around, as well:
- The Maiden is now also part of the Goblin cards
- The Apprentice (and all follow up cards, such as the portals) are part of The White Council. Unlocks after White Council V
- The Mage equipment is part of The White Council
- The Scavenger (a helm that increases the amount of food you get), is part of the Goblin cards: you have to beat the Maze for this one, which comes after Goblin King's Halls IV.
- Time Heals is part of the Goblins, now. You have to beat the Goblin's card for this one

I'm not sure how this works on a new game, but my guess is that you have to do the above cards to get that gear now. There may be more cards that have different unlock criteria.
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