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    Posted on 27 February 16 at 08:44
    Please use this thread to discuss the Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia walkthrough
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    Posted on 12 May 16 at 18:55
    We are currently looking for a new owner, please post in here or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
  • N18p73pwn3rN18p73pwn3r2,377,145
    Posted on 14 October 16 at 09:02
    also interested in doing this one, basically need to write down my notes on it :)
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  • Arran R WArran R W1,423,656
    Posted on 08 February 17 at 10:26
    Since the walkthrough progress is at 100%, is there a chance this will be posted soon?
  • RadicalSniper99RadicalSniper992,185,000
    Posted on 08 February 17 at 10:47
    In the process of reviewing now. Aiming to get this done soon. My apologies for the delay currently.
  • Arran R WArran R W1,423,656
    Posted on 08 February 17 at 11:06
    Thanks for the quick response!
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  • xDaffxDaff477,945
    Posted on 10 October 17 at 10:38
    Tried using the walkthrough, ended up going with a video playlist off site. It's just down to the lack of detailing, but that could be my preference, wanting a detailed guide like what was written for ACC China.

    It's just full of "the next bit is tricky" and "do a, b, c" without any true navigation of the gritty details that are needed in a game like this - where a simple move could throw you right off.

    Like it would have been beneficial to ensure that the levels got the highest scores and unlocked upgrades, making the hard play through easier. That and you'd be able to help the users learn stealth tactics in the game that are vital for the hard mode. Not that it's difficult, hard mode is just time consuming. But the extra bits you get through the upgrades, e.g. more smoke bombs, are worth doing 2 stealth play throughs, because it makes everything less time consuming during your hard play through.

    That's just my opinion, and N18p taks this criticism as you will - the next walkthrough you write, be more detailed.
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  • neeker75neeker751,642,159
    Posted on 11 October 17 at 01:45
    To be fair to him, I was the one who created the template for this walkthrough. I wrote everything from the introduction to the hints and tips, but I didn't have the time to write all the step-by-step details for the chapters, which was why it was eventually taken over by someone else.

    Personally I prefer text guides over videos, but for the three chronicles games, I do find the videos to be very useful, and easier to follow than text.
  • xDaffxDaff477,945
    Posted on 11 October 17 at 06:33
    Doesn't matter who did what, really. Either way, he still did the bit where my criticism comes in.

    I've gone with videos for this game, just because I can't find a suitable text guide. For ACC China, I used this website's walkthrough. Which was detailed enough in the text sections, that the videos only complimented it.
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  • Posted on 08 August 20 at 17:21
    Did I simply miss the part where the walkthrough covers the best part to get the 100 headhsots? It's referenced in the "Checkpoint Reloads" section of the "Hints and Tips" page, but doesn't actually say where the best reload is for time that I've seen.
  • Don NielsonDon Nielson656,486
    Posted on 09 September 20 at 13:45
    This is a terrible walkthrough. Many parts of it are imcomplete or just missing. Thus I totally agree with xDaff.
  • TheOnlyMattoTheOnlyMatto2,157,962
    Posted on 30 December 20 at 05:55, Edited on 30 December 20 at 07:26 by TheOnlyMatto
    Just started and gotta note this is very vague. This is what I get in the very beginning of the game:

    Upon stumbling over the first few enemies, continue until you reach the guard you need to either distract or kill with your rifle. It is your choice what to do. I strongly recommend to not harm him for a better rating.
    How, would be nice. Instead of a vague description of what needs to be done.

    I know the author (edited a different WT for him before) and have sent a PM to ask if I can edit this one. I'll add more detail and some pictures to hopefully make it a little easier to use.
    See you in Valhalla
  • Dang3R GamingDang3R Gaming1,547,359
    Posted on 01 March 21 at 22:45
    Added Matto onto this as an editor to hopefully bring this up to standards as it is evidently lacking from all of the feedback here. Apologies for it coming out this way with vague instructions and general missing detail.
  • TheOnlyMattoTheOnlyMatto2,157,962
    Posted on 11 May 21 at 06:34
    The WT has been edited, majorly, and now should be a word for word explanation of how to beat every level. If you find anything wrong with the WT please quote this message so I see it sooner and can address the issue immediately. Ty for using our WT, ty to the original writer and gl on the completion.
    See you in Valhalla
  • Dang3R GamingDang3R Gaming1,547,359
    Posted on 11 May 21 at 08:50
    ^just a note to the above, I still need to review the edits and will edit this post once that is done. I have a couple other walkthroughs in review and publishes to sort out, so hopefully it’ll be by the end of this week.
  • Posted on 08 February 22 at 23:30
    What is the secret to helix dash, I can only get it to work about 1 out of 10 times. It is very frustrating.
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