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Cel Damage HD Walkthrough Discussion

  • Posted on 29 February 16 at 07:15Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Cel Damage HD walkthrough
  • zoidberg1339zoidberg1339411,415
    Posted on 11 March 16 at 10:38Permalink
    This is going to be an even easier completion than I thought, especially with the easy difficulty available. This WT won't need to be as in-depth as I thought. The AI on easy mode are practically afraid to attack you and aren't particularly good at it when they try.

    I may decide to do a more detailed description of the characters and maps later just for fun, but you won't need to know them that well if you're just on an easy run-though for the achievements.
  • zoidberg1339zoidberg1339411,415
    Posted on 14 March 16 at 18:28Permalink
    I expect to have this submitted for review by Thursday.
  • KenzibitKenzibit934,290
    Posted on 17 March 16 at 03:01Permalink
    Research and Games :)
  • zoidberg1339zoidberg1339411,415
    Posted on 18 March 16 at 16:31Permalink
    Okay, got a little sidetracked by St. Patrick's Day... Should be done tonight.
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