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Seems like a Strategy/tower defense title.

  • hott Armantehott Armante927,834
    Posted on 05 March 16 at 02:55
    Am I right? lol everything I see about this game gives me the impression that its a tower defense but if its an action adventure like TA says I'm not sure if I want to buy it.
  • Posted on 05 March 16 at 16:10
    TA has a history of being completely wrong on genres. Their system of choosing genres is ridiculous.
    If it looks like something different to you, it probably is.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 11 March 16 at 16:23
    Here is the problem....Xbox lists it as action and adventure, other.....

    So until it's 100% confirmed by TA to be a Tower D and remain a tower D, in not touching it.
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  • Posted on 21 March 16 at 13:39
    It's a real-time tower defense I guess, because the player character can run around during waves carrying up to three towers. So you're constantly making adjustments on the fly, as opposed to some more turn-based tower defense games were you set up in between waves and then more or less watch them roll in.

    The fact that your only role is as the player character on the ground, rather than a disembodied influence in the sky, is probably what brings in the action elements. You're constantly getting involved in the action and you can control nearby towers as well as the ones on your back.
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