Game Discussion: Age of Sparta (Win 8)

Does it sync with Windows Phone?

  • SiguardiusSiguardius1,204,164
    Posted on 06 March 16 at 01:59
    Well? Does it?
  • LvxLvx267,282
    Posted on 06 March 16 at 06:00
    It does. Doesn't matter from which side you're syncing. :)
  • GodfatherNr1GodfatherNr11,474,405
    Posted on 05 April 16 at 13:42
    I cant sync anymore with my Live Account. Didnt get any more achievments. Re Install not change anything... facepalm
    I Hate Gs... :):)
  • ProjectSixProjectSix648,267
    Posted on 01 August 16 at 10:07
    Opened the game on my phone, got an option to sync to current progress so I did (I was lvl 13).. and it somehow reset my Win8 game to just starting out from the start on my WP.. Ugh!!
    Posted on 30 May 17 at 18:23
    Same thing happened to me as ProjectSix. Got a new phone, installed it, could have sworn I set it to sync but instead it reset everything. Now I can't log in to my Windows version for fear of overwriting it - any way to make my Windows version the master version as it seemed to wipe my achievement progress too?
  • Posted on 24 August 19 at 13:53
    Successfully transferred all my progress from Windows 10 Mobile to Windows 10. headspin
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