Game Discussion: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Xbox 360)

Anyone out there still have a hard mode save?

  • FoogaFooga1,386,936
    Posted on 07 March 16 at 08:30Permalink
    I beat the game on Easy mode first, not knowing I'd have to beat Normal to unlock Hard mode, and I'm probably gonna pull my hair out if I have to beat this crap 2 more times. I'd really appreciate the help! smile
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  • Posted on 28 July 17 at 00:46Permalink
    You ever find anyone? Would like to skip a playthrough if I can.
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  • Posted on 04 September 17 at 11:32Permalink
    Same here. If that doesn't happen, I would love to start a playthrough on (hard) with someone at least.
  • Posted on 04 September 17 at 18:13Permalink
    Same here I need game beat on normal for hard and new game plus and game beat on hard for hard achievement and I need people with save files from before they unlocked blade,dr.strange,dare devil, black panther in order to re unlock them for me. Hope you all can help.
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