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Leaderboard for Achievement / Gamerscore using Time Filtered Changes

Posted on 07 March 16 at 16:38
I feel like I did a thorough enough check to see if this has been suggested before. If so, point me in the direction to vote on it - if not, here's my proposal.

Leaderboard for Achievement / Gamerscore using Time Filtered Changes:

The title for this has proved difficult to come up with, but I would like to be able to sort my Friends list or Site List to show changes to their stats over a defined period of time.

I see a lot of names on the side bar that could be great earning goals, but without delving deep into their gaming history - I can't determine if the appropriate level of challenge is there.

I'd like to toggle some of the site stats to set time frames and look at changes over that time period.

For example: [Gamerscore Earned - last 3 months] which would show + 6550 for me. Then I could look at a leaderboard and see people that are scoring similarly to challenge with an overtake gamer goal.

An off shoot of the 30 day leaderboard now returned to Xbox dashboard - this could include multiple on site stats and more time variability than just 30 days.

Stats that interest me for time based evaluation:
TA score, Gamerscore, Completions, Completion %, Achievements Won, etc.

Times could include: 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month.
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