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Achievements not unlocking

  • oxy71oxy71835,924 835,924 GamerScore
    Posted on 12 April 16 at 02:11
    thanks stahp!
  • N0RFENN0RFEN897,211
    Posted on 12 April 16 at 07:16
    Same problem here, not unlocking any achievement.
    Other Windows Games work fine.
  • MCASguruMCASguru504,047
    Posted on 16 April 16 at 17:32
    Just finished the game - two achievements did not pop. I didn't get IQ 62 despite following the guide, and I missed the one coin on the Bear, Mouse, Bee trying to scour the internet for answers. roll
  • Gunstar RedGunstar Red1,574,887
    Posted on 17 April 16 at 08:42
    Two of my achievements from March 28 / 29 that didn't unlock properly finally popped today when I was playing the rest of the levels to finish off the game. Blubb never unlocked even after doing Level 8 again, and even starting a new game and beating Level 8 yet again. Still grayed out in-game and shows as Locked on Xbox App.

    It's been 20 days since I first should have unlocked it. Looking at some other TA threads, March 29 seems to be a date that screwed over quite a few people, myself included.
  • StahpStahp823,973
    Posted on 19 April 16 at 07:05
    Dear TA'ers

    Here is the latest message I received from Daedelic :
    We are currently working on an update for the game, however, the achievement issue will not be entirely fixed there since we still have to work this out. We are investigating this very closely with Microsoft to figure out what's going wrong. We still need additional information and are looking for players who can help us out here.

    We would like to encourage our players to try out these workarounds:

    The MOST IMPORTANT part of this is section 3, the survey. With this survey Microsoft can gather more information about this problem which can help us to fix this issue.

    We saw you posting in this thread: Achievements not unlocking
    If you want to, could you maybe reach out to the players there and tell them what we need? That would be beyond helpful.
    Basically, the workaround from the xbox support is to uninstall the game, launch the wsreset command and reinstall the game. Doing that, I've lost my saves. It wasn't a problem for me because the achievement I'm missing is at the very beginning of the game, but you're warned !
    However, it hasn't changed anything for me, and the achievement is still locked.

    As requested, I've also filled the MS survey at There are 8 questions to answer :
    1- Have you tried the workarounds
    2- What is your gamertag
    3- Name of the achievement
    4- Name of the game
    5- On which platform
    6- Date it should have unlocked
    7- Time it should have unlocked
    8- Kind of problem encoutered
    It's very quick to answer, so I would suggest you to do it.

    I'll keep you informed if I get more information.
  • SpilnerSpilner877,886
    Posted on 19 April 16 at 17:38
    Ive played on 3 devices to get the last achievement (which is for completing the game -.-) and that hasn't helped it either.
    Pom poms at the ready, cheerleaders!
  • Gunstar RedGunstar Red1,574,887
    Posted on 20 April 16 at 21:24
    There was an update for the game 2 days ago, but unfortunately it didn't fix the last glitched achievement for me even after trying a few times to re-unlock it. Already tried pretty much every workaround, so will just give up for now and stop wasting time replaying the game hoping it finally pops.
  • Posted on 20 April 16 at 22:47
    Yikes. So those of us yet to begin the game should probably hold off a bit, huh? I wanted to get this knocked out but it doesn't sound like the time to do so.
  • Gunstar RedGunstar Red1,574,887
    Posted on 01 May 16 at 04:47
    My last glitched achievement randomly unlocked today!!! Was browsing the Windows Store on my PC and in the corner of the screen I saw the achievement pop!

    It was time stamped April 19 which is the date I re-earned it on a second playthrough save file. I originally unlocked it on March 28, but looks like the second time I earned it was the one that went through.

    Good news with a sliver of hope for the rest of you who are still glitched.
  • MCASguruMCASguru504,047
    Posted on 01 May 16 at 08:43
    Same here, Gunstar Red. The achievement for "IQ 62" popped last night, but is dated April 26 (the date I replayed that level)l.

    So there is hope for the other glitched one! Yay! I'll replay the animal puzzle one. more. time.
  • SpilnerSpilner877,886
  • StahpStahp823,973
    Posted on 01 May 16 at 11:19
    Same for me. The timestamp is 26/04 but it only appears today on TA.
  • MoneyShot360MoneyShot360650,504
    Posted on 02 May 16 at 14:35
    My randomly popped yesterday while I was streaming an Xbox One game. It also had a timestamp of 4/26
  • SimmSimm1,946,834
    Posted on 03 May 16 at 06:31
    I couldn't get a single achievement to unlock until I did a fresh reinstall of Win10. They're all working fine now.
  • matdanmatdan796,372
    Posted on 17 May 16 at 09:44
    So another game with broken achievements? Seems every game I play now has broken achievements.
  • SpilnerSpilner877,886
    Posted on 17 May 16 at 09:47
    Its the OS not the game tbh. Just like technically every One game can be 'broken' by D&U
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  • matdanmatdan796,372
    Posted on 17 May 16 at 12:58
    Just had some of them pop-up a few hours later while playing a separate game.
  • MCASguruMCASguru504,047
    Posted on 24 June 16 at 13:42
    This may have seemed obvious to others, but for the stone animal puzzle, you have to not only spin every incorrect animal combo, but also TRANSFORM into every incorrect animal combo. Derp!
  • lfcjohnlfcjohn1,011,903
    Posted on 11 July 16 at 02:10
    I just played other games on my win 10 (preview version) with achievement unlocked (e.g. Hitman Go, Alto) but re-play this game still have nothing unlocked. Sigh.
  • MusquitoMusquito803,866
    Posted on 21 July 16 at 15:19
    It does not unlock anything for me either.
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