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To Azimuth Brings Problems Both Interpersonal and Intergalactic to Xbox One

  • scotwolf2scotwolf21,543,885
    Posted on 12 March 16 at 09:47
    if its anything like three fourths home extended edition...then in my opinion it'll be utter rubbish. no way i'll buy itroll

    But if it's cheap, quick and easy Gamerscore then, well, maybe I might, oh ok I would then buy it....sad isn't itrock
  • zzUrbanSpacemanzzUrbanSpaceman1,241,862
    Posted on 12 March 16 at 11:36
    As one of the seemingly few who actually enjoyed Three Fourths Home and the story it was trying to tell, I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Certainly expect it will have fairly easy gamerscore too, but that's not the only reason to buy games. Ok, it's most of the reason to buy games, but not the only.
  • pezboybenpezboyben989,118
    Posted on 12 March 16 at 21:23
    I enjoyed Three Fourths Home, I will keep an eye on this.
  • JdobemJdobem967,123
    Posted on 13 March 16 at 11:57
    yeap, i enjoyed it too, so i will buy this one for the story experiment!
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