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Are games generally dropping in difficulty?

DOOM The Return
Posted on 20 June 13 at 22:26
Choskie said:
Simple answer: yes.

Arcade machines were DESIGNED to be mega hard to drain your pockets of any money you had. If games were that difficult nowadays, we'd have more bitches on 360 than we already have. Developers would be bombarded with bullshit emails and become less inclined to make games difficult to make sales/keep the fanbase happy.

Nowadays we have checkpoints everywhere and perseverance can get you through 99% of games. Games are designed to be beaten. All the notoriously hard modern games are also being dumbed down as the series develop. Examples:

Ninja Gaiden
Devil May Cry
Demon Souls
Call of Duty

And that isn't just my opinion. The majority of fans of the above-mentioned games agree.
I have to disagree about Demon's Souls. I felt that Dark Souls was much more difficult. Demon's Souls was just cheap with some stuff, whether you had enemies directly around corners, a boss that ignores it's entire move set to knock you off or enemies that paralyze you, attack you and paralyze you again as you're standing up.

I honestly think that whichever one you played first is more difficult. I've seen that statement more times than anyone claiming Demon's is more difficult. I don't see where you're getting your "majority".
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Posted on 29 September 13 at 15:14
I'd say they are, but also find as I get older I have less time and patience to use trying to get past a certain point. Back in the SNES days there were no youtube guides or forums to help out, except if the magazine you bought happened to run a feature next month. With a smaller game collection it was basically a case of keep trying until you win, or play nothing at all. Today I could just go and buy pretty much any game I wanted, and can look up a solution in seconds. So there is little motivation to try something dozens of times, and I don't want to restart from the beginning every time I die.

That said, games like Lost Planet and Quake 4 are pretty brutal on the hardest difficulties, so there is still a challenge there if you want it
Posted on 09 November 13 at 23:55
hell yes they are easier. Todays games expect nothing of a player, they are entirely linear and still provide a mini map . there are no keys, health regenerates and enemies barely ever even spawn behind you anymore. Enemies advance single file and yet the game still provides cover. People that use walkthroughs and solutions aren't really gamers, they are just cheaters reliving someone else's play through .
A Real Master Blaster, since 1983
Posted on 14 April 19 at 15:09
When we compare games from the past, we need to remember somethings. First, many of them were in arcades, or had an arcade option. So they wanted the game to be difficult so people would keep spending coins to gain new lifes. This would be the equivalent of today use of DLC's to get money.

Second, there wasn't the possibility of making a game that would last hours and hours, to the media's memory space. Therefore, if the game wasn't hard, everybody would go through it in a second. If you wanted the game to last months, you would need to make it really difficult, for example making a final boss with a new fighting mechanic. That way, you would die in this boss and restart the game all over again, until you finally learned how to do it.

In some ways, this was boring. Having to replay earlier levels just to die on a trap in a later level, or a new enemy you still didn't figure out how to kill, was more boring than difficult. Today, with checkpoints and saves, you fight the same boss twenty times in a matter of twenty minutes. Back then, to fight a boss twenty times it might as well take twenty hours!
Also, there wasn't the internet, so you couldn't just search "what is this boss weak spot?". There were magazines, but they only covered some games and were really expensive.

So, in my opinion, the difficulty change happens in a way, specially due to what I said in the first paragraph; But in other way is just the savepoints and game evolution that give us this sensation, like I said in the second and third paragraph.
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