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Three More Games Are Now Backwards Compatible

Posted on 18 March 16 at 03:20
Have all 3 already. Looking forward to hitting these up on the One.
J. Adam Gilman
Posted on 18 March 16 at 03:47
Finally a reason to play Alan Wake, haven't bothered because of the darn collectibles.
Posted on 18 March 16 at 04:15
Good update today, but it's been kind of barren for a couple months... hope this isn't the sign of things to come. I got Red Dead downloaded in that breach window, but where is Dark Souls, Skate games, and all the other stuff in the XBLA that they could get without dealing with publishers wanting to hold off for cheap pre-order bonuses.
Posted on 18 March 16 at 07:49
Nice update, even though I probably won't play Alan Wake or Castlevania anymore (still a couple of collectibles and dlc stuff in Wake, hence "probably"). What concerns me as well that there's been only a few new BC titles lately. I would have expected more of them.

Not that it personally matters since I still have my 360, but I'd prefer to get rid of it as soon as possible for the sake of convenience.
Posted on 18 March 16 at 10:56
Yes, Castlevania: SOTN is a masterpiece. I have so much nostalgia with that game.
Posted on 18 March 16 at 11:00
never had the chance to play alan wake, definitely will give it a go now
Posted on 18 March 16 at 11:01, Edited on 18 March 16 at 11:02 by MattiasAnderson
I am one of the people that did not enjoy Alan Wake that much.

It was very hyped so i bought the game and then it was nothing in particular special to me.
New Paralyzer
New Paralyzer
Posted on 18 March 16 at 11:57
Hmm doesn't seem like Japanese Castlevania is backwards. I don't have it ready to install.
Posted on 18 March 16 at 15:43
Awesome! Pac Man! roll
Posted on 18 March 16 at 16:10
Why pac-man? Hasn't everyone on TA beat it yet? I retract that question. It is a freaking classic and a fun ass game. So if we own it, why not play it on the one? I am so stupid some times. I forgot that some people still play for fun, I wish I could. I miss those days.
I have 9 usa 360`s set up, 4 pal 360`s, 3 japan 360`s and 2 xboxones set up and the girlfriend calls me crazy.
Posted on 18 March 16 at 16:38
I got rid of my 360 for small xbox one... I didn't mind the idea of no kinect, but now I'm pretty upset about the fact that at this rate, the next generation of consoles will already be in full force by the time they manage to hit 500 game mark...

The part that bothers me is because the only games I wanna play are all on the list under supported developers/producers... Not only that, but they don't have any publication problems... Like the assassin's creed series, I've played most, and I don't recall any music or logos like in racing or sports games...

I'm not sure about anyone else, but does it feel it might be like 2 people testing the games full time? The current games out, it feels like someone could have obtained all the gamerscore in all the current titles legit playing as a full time job...

I kinda wish they would just let preview members test the games instead, we would probably see the entire library that producers would allow already if they did that... 3 games and 2 of them are pretty crappy in my opinion..

For me at least, the loading screens were a severe put off for 360. Looking at fallout 3 and mass effect, it's not as bad as it was before.

Can anyone tell me why they just won't allow preview members to beta test bc games? I understand producers don't want people playing broken versions of their games due to it being a bad image, but preview members understand that they'd play broken content in order to speed the process up quite a bit. Plus they get preview warranty in the event a beta test bricks their console...

All in all, it'll be years it feels by the time we can experience some of the old titles that were just pure amazing.... Even holding up to a lot of AAA releases to this current day...

You'd think that everyone would see the potential in this feature. Myself for example, as someone who probably plays just slightly more than someone on the casual side has already spent $400 on bc games and dlcs and I'm not particularly on the wealthy or privileged side. I bet there's a lot more people who've spent a lot more than I have.

I don't know what the hell Phil Spencer meant by saying he's happy with the current line up for bc so far and that he thinks that the current pace is acceptable, because it's not. It feels like a failed attempt so far. Now he's trying to open up cross network play which I kinda feel is again going to be more talk than action. I doubt games like the division or destiny, or anything worth playing in that fact are going to see this feature. I think it's just going to be another ploy... They should have bribed Sony a bit more to unlock the network for cross play too... That would make it truly ground breaking. That would probably be one of the most amazing features ever.
Posted on 18 March 16 at 16:58
zeldafanjtl said:Has anyone tried putting the Konami Classics Vol. 1 disc in their One to see if you can play Symphony of the Night that way?Anyone? I'd like to know the answer to this too.
Mr Granstaff
Mr Granstaff
Posted on 18 March 16 at 17:57
^ I'll try it when I get home. I tried to install Alan Wake at the time, but couldn't so I never bothered with it.
Rollus Tidus
Posted on 18 March 16 at 20:14
Halo Wars just showed up as BC for me!
Posted on 18 March 16 at 20:39
UnsungGhost said:Halo Wars just showed up as BC for me!Preview members get early access to it.
Pom poms at the ready, cheerleaders!
Posted on 19 March 16 at 03:36
I'm so happy that Alan Wake is BC! It's such a great game and whoever hasn't had a chance to play it I guarantee you'll love it!

Always be kind as everyone is fighting a hard battle!
soft pillowcase
Posted on 19 March 16 at 09:45
If Castlevania SOTN doesn't show up as ready to install for you, try searching for "symphony" in the store, and it should come up. That's what I did, and got it working that way.
Posted on 19 March 16 at 13:11
Finally completed Alan Wake with DLC a month ago, but it's definately a good thing that it's now backwards compatible
Posted on 17 April 16 at 21:14
zsoltee53 said:I'm the only one who completed the Alan Wake to 100% on Xbox 360, then played it on Xbox One and now have 2 Alan Wakes in the Achievements? laugh The Xbox One achievement system is better and better...

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