Game Discussion: Naughty Bear


  • Posted on 18 March 16 at 05:45, Edited on 18 March 16 at 05:49 by Breadly Weapon
    It seems like Naughty Bear has gone the way of Game Room before it. Searching for Naughty Bear only shows the arcade game, putting in the disc and going to game details only shows the screenshots/info, no extras heading at all. Not even the free episode 8 is still available. Didn't see this mentioned anywhere on the net, anyone else confirm seeing this or when they last saw the dlc as available?

    EDIT: Just noticed bringing up any of the dlc solutions shows that the dlc has been removed and is no longer available for purchase. I managed to find ep 8 and 10 in my download history but not 9, I thought I had bought it but I guess perhaps not. :(
  • Posted on 18 March 16 at 06:14
    And sadly, the DLC doesn't work right on the Gold Edition disc, so you can't get the achievements from playing it off of the disc.
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