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Ongoing UHH-style competition

Posted on 21 March 16 at 23:12
As requested by many in the discussions thread for UHH, it would be great to have an ongoing feature replicating the contest format that players could access as they see fit.

I'll propose one format here, but I'm sure others could detail related ideas (like a league format).

My suggested format would be "on demand". People could register whenever they feel like it, as long as they meet a minimum number of locked achievements (say 500). The site would then try to match you with someone that has a compatible profile (at least 20 locked achievements shared amongst players), and pm both players to accept the challenge. Upon acceptance, a list would be generated and players would have 1 week to complete as many as possible.

Bragging rights, plus the pleasure of meeting other site members and trying out games from your backlog, would be the main reward.

If someone doesn't get matched within a certain timeframe, they would simply be removed from the pool of potential players. This would give the player the opportunity to add more games to his collection and possibly retry later.
Posted on 22 March 16 at 02:06, Edited on 22 March 16 at 12:57 by zzUrbanSpaceman
I proposed this elsewhere, but this was my thoughts on a league style format:

* Create a leaderboard to track wins, losses, total TA and achievements.
* Declare a season of 3 months (well, 13 weeks).
* People opt in to the comp. They can opt out or back in during the season whenever they like.
* If they opt in, they are paired with another person and given a set of 20 achievements at the start of the week.
* Opting out will not forfeit a match immediately, but will not select them for the next week.
* Scoring no achievements in a week automatically opts the player out in the next week. This way people who are not paying any attention to the comp will be removed from the pool after two weeks - first week of no score opts them out in second week, end of second week they are removed unless they manually opt-in again.
* After a season of 13 weeks, a winner is declared being the person with the most wins, tie-breaking by TA and then total achievements. Reset the leaderboard and start the merry-go-around again.


The option I would love is just being able to challenge a friend (they would have to accept) to unlock a set of achievements they both share, similar to how some of our existing goals work, but using the UHH weighting of the achievements.
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Posted on 22 March 16 at 03:01
Beautiful idea. +1000
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Facial La Fleur
Posted on 22 March 16 at 03:33
I think this could be a cool idea that could be extended to choosing a friend, regardless of number of shared achievements, and just do this whenever you feel like as a goal. It could be an additional feature to go along with my idea, New Goals: Friend Races.
Posted on 22 March 16 at 05:29
Count me in!!
Posted on 22 March 16 at 05:52
Down like a syndrome for that idea!
Posted on 22 March 16 at 08:44, Edited on 22 March 16 at 08:48 by angelsk
Ran out of votes, but +1 from me!
Posted on 22 March 16 at 12:42
Yes, please! Loved having a reason to go back to games in my backlog and chipping away at the completion %. Would love to have an ongoing reason to that that! Definitely have my vote. smile
Posted on 22 March 16 at 12:50
Yes please, or something similar with the usual sprinkling of TA panache!
Mame Tobikomi!
Posted on 22 March 16 at 13:14
I can see a system like 360v's old challenges happening.
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Posted on 22 March 16 at 14:07
Plus one for me too. Just means I have to go through my old threads and lose a vote from one of them to give to this.

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Posted on 22 March 16 at 14:08
Chris1984uk said:
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Posted on 22 March 16 at 14:10
TrueAchievement said:Chris1984uk said:
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Oh yeah, and stop giving me Devil May Cry 4 achievements in my weekly matchups!!
Posted on 22 March 16 at 14:48
A league sounds good, just keep matching people up and after a dozen weeks have a knockout tournament with the top X amount of players.

I was thinking however that it could be like Gaming Sessions where anyone can create an open tournament and apply there own restrictions.

1v1 Knockout - Minimum 5,000 locked achievements - 4 day time frame - 10 achievements per frame


4 man FFA - 2 man ko after each frame - maximum 16 players - min 500 locked achieves - 7 day frame - 30 achieves per frame

by offering lots of options TA users can customise there own desired UHH tournaments and open them to public or friends only

... but i like the tourney idea too, especially if it was in an official capacity with BADGES! and league divisions and dreams and candy and Unicrons.
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Posted on 22 March 16 at 14:54
Mmmm, Unicrons....
Mame Tobikomi!
Posted on 22 March 16 at 17:04
I like it smile
Yours sincerely, TG
Posted on 22 March 16 at 18:00
Was actually recently thinking of something like this. You have my vote.
Posted on 22 March 16 at 18:55
Love this idea. Was thinking about suggesting it myself.
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Posted on 22 March 16 at 18:56
Would love something like this. I was also thinking about having smaller automatic ones - maybe when 16 or 32 people have enough in common, they get entered into a bracket.

Another option would be genre-specific tournaments. Say you have to have x unlocked achieves in action-adventure, or shooter, or RPG (either a % of the total achievements for that genre or a fixed #). You could rotate genres every time, and that might make match making a bit more straightforward - people entered would be more likely to have the same games. I'd think all games would be used in the competition, but there would be an emphasis on the genre-of-the-month (or however long).
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Posted on 22 March 16 at 23:30
I was just about to post this. I think either matching up with a random person or with someone in your friends list would be great. Have it separate from the UHH competition and have it available at any time. This has really motivated me to get into my backlog!
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