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Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Now Backwards Compatible

Posted on 25 March 16 at 17:53
This is very self serving but...PLEASE MAKE QUAKE 4 BC!
I brake for Hulking Phase Beasts!
Posted on 25 March 16 at 19:58, Edited on 25 March 16 at 20:03 by HeyMrBassman
So this is a bit odd.

I decided to give Dark Souls a whirl on my Xbox One.

I haven't got Gold, and yet I'm already noticing that the online interactions are working. I'm seeing bloodstains and player ghosts.

Anyone else getting this?

Huge thumbs up got DS BC anyway, can't wait to see if it fixes the fame rate issues in Blighttown - seems to be a little better in New Londo.
Posted on 26 March 16 at 18:49
Yay for Tekken Tag 2! One of my fave fighters on 360, and even more reason to contemplate getting a stick for XB1 at some point. (I have a Cronusmax, so I can use my 360 stick on XB1, it would just be nice not to have to go through the sync stuff every time.) Eagerly awaiting Soulcalibur V, another of my faves and a game with great netcode. Unlike SCIV which did not play well online. Same problem for Tekken 6.

I wonder how responsive the game is when emulated on XB1. Considering fighters of course need there to be minimal input delay (and many BC games thus far seem to suffer it.) Thankfully it's a genre where I'm sure various sites have comparison data out already.
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