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Introduce Yourself

Posted on 22 January 18 at 15:09
Hi all! I'm a listener and lurker. Figured I'd get on the leader board. :)
Cliff or Carrie
Posted on 28 March 18 at 20:27
Big fan of the podcast. I finally was on Trueachievements AND remembered you had a leaderboard at the same time!
Town Renegade
Town Renegade
Posted on 18 August 18 at 04:49
Hey everyone! i love the podcast and would like to join this great community and fun leader board!
Posted on 03 October 18 at 14:55, Edited on 03 October 18 at 14:56 by AbelusPrime
Hey guys, I started listening to the podcast a few weeks ago and then I hear them mention this leaderboard, so here I am.

You cannot imagine how happy I am to find gamers in this age group with families and all. toast
Posted on 14 October 18 at 14:30
Dave from Australia, I (along with R56CooperS11) was lucky enough to meet Xonebros and MrMcSpicey in Salt Lake City last month.
I'm either gaming or procrastinating. If I'm not doing one of them, I'm thinking about which one I want to do.
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