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Overnight Boosting Sessions

Aardvark Vulgar
Posted on 02 April 16 at 21:07
I have an idea for an overnight/afk/at work boosting session.

What we need:

We get turbo controllers and go into the Headquarters gametype and afk it.

HQ is currently a dead game mode and no one plays it. We will need at least 8 players to AFK it at a time in order for this to work.

How it works:

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Controlling the map gives about 5xp a second, which leads to about 2k xp an hour. This means it will take a little over 10 night sessions to get a prestige. If we can get a dedicated amount of people to always being AFK boosting, then at any time we will be able to join in on the session.

The only major con is (I believe, not sure) we will need 1 active player to capture the HQ to give points - this can be done with a random player - there will be more randoms playing this game type if the game mode is revived and games found quickly. Also, there will be randoms wanting to get easy kills because of the AFKs.

This would also be a good time to boost some of the medals for quick XP, for those who are only semi-afk.

On paper it's a great idea, but I haven't been able to try it out yet. We would need more than 8 to start really, in case of power outages.

Thoughts? Dummy accounts would work too.
Living Legends
Posted on 03 April 16 at 00:10
I have dummy ACCTS but no extra boxes. I am down but I believe a hiccup could ruin it.
Aardvark Vulgar
Posted on 03 April 16 at 01:47
I'm in a similar boat. I have the Xbox's but not the accounts/copies/or turbo controllers.

The biggest hiccup I see is the lobby dying. If we can get multiple lobbies going of 12-16 ea then if one lobby goes down the remainders of that lobby could join another. We would really need to revive this game type somehow.

I'm turboing TDM at the moment. It works well. My joystick is broken which causes me to quit but it does work for the most part... however TDM xp is garbage slow.
Posted on 18 May 16 at 00:34
I may boost this at some point. I can be the guy capping the points. I can run 4 boxes :)
Posted on 25 July 16 at 21:05
I'm up for it, if this is a way to get it legit I'm in. I only have one Xbox though :/
Equip 117 with Weaponized 115
Posted on 17 August 16 at 03:42
I've got two boxes and two copies if we can make it work.
Posted on 20 August 16 at 13:47
I played this game a long time ago with a friend, but didn't get any achievements. So I have this on my account facepalm. So I would like to get it 100% if I can, but I don't really wan't to be on and play it for 300+ hours (I am already wasting my life on Quake 4). However if AFK boosting works, I would be keen to do that.
I have one game & 360. But I am planning on buying another 360 soon for boosting, so I can get a second copy of the game then.
Reading what others have posted; if everyone got a copy of the game per Xbox they have, that will be a total of 12 Xbox's. That should be enough. Microsoft gives a month free gold for new accounts (x3 per Console), so we don't have to purchase extra gold. However we will need to get 1 turbo controller per Xbox.
Let me know if and when you want to start boosting this.
Posted on 01 September 16 at 02:06
I think that if we can get enough people form the boost list together to kick start HQ for like a week. Getting enough people in HQ consistent and hoping that people look further then TDM. That way people could start playing it again.

But reviving the gamemode is the hardest challenge.
Equip 117 with Weaponized 115
Aardvark Vulgar
Posted on 28 September 16 at 02:04
Reviving the game mode will be the hardest challenge. Realistically, even if we cannot revive it, we can have active boosters and afk boosters. The active boosters would go for challenges like headshots, grenade kills, ect... When they get bored, they can afk. As long as one person is playing - either booster or random - the xp will come in.

This week they made WaW backwards compatible and a lot of people are playing it again. Now would be the best time to see if this works while there is a somewhat active lobby.
Bobby Blane3
Bobby Blane3
Posted on 11 October 16 at 21:22
I'd be interested on this as well. I can run 2 copies
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