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Online games causes crashes to dashboard

Posted on 04 April 16 at 18:27
Every single time I attempt to create an online game session to invite a friend to play, my game crashes straight to the dashboard! My friend can invite me into her game which I can accept, but then after a bit of time playing it'll disconnect me... Anyone else having issues with the online side of things?
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I Le Goupil I
Posted on 13 April 16 at 08:25
Hi !
I have the same problem, the xbox chat support offers to refund my game. Even after factory reset, the bug is still there. Do you have your game installed on an external hard drive ? it's the only thing i haven't tried.
Mr Bones7
Mr Bones7
Posted on 15 April 16 at 09:08
yeah i'm in same boat have talked with both capcom support and microsoft with no solution that worked for me. This is what capcom told me to do

Go to 'Settings'.
Select 'Network'.
Select 'Advanced Settings'.
Select 'Manual'.
Enter for the primary DNS.
Enter for the secondary DNS.
Press 'B' on your XBOX controller to save your DNS changes.

Try to see if that helps. Are your connections more frequent? Do disconnections happen at the same rate, or less frequent now?

You can reset the settings back to default if it doesn't help. Do the connection problems seem at random, sometimes you can join games?

Please ensure you have Port Forwarding enabled on your router. The following ports will need to be open and forwarded correctly on your router.

Heroic Stevie
Posted on 16 April 16 at 12:44
I received the same email. I've kinda given up emailing Capcom support and hope they're working on a patch to fix it.
Mr Bones7
Mr Bones7
Posted on 22 April 16 at 13:19
this is the last email i received

This is Stephen from Capcom Support getting back to you.

I have been researching this issue and am getting back to all our valued gamers, who have reported the crash in multiplayer in Resident Evil 6 for the Xbox One.

We do believe that this problem is due to a fault in the actual console. One valued gamer reported to us that he tried on a different Xbox One and all was fine. He noticed, as the consoles were sitting next to each other, that the light on the Xbox One which had the problem was shining dully.. rather differently from the one, which accepts Multiplayer with no problem. He let us know that Microsoft replaced the Xbox One and that all was fine after this.

Do please try your game on a different Xbox One if you can - it would be worth asking Microsoft for advice, too, as they do seem to suggest that there might be a console fault at play here. I know that it sounds a little strange, as other games will be playing fine.

Please do get back to us and let us know how you get on.

If you require further assistance in Europe, please contact our technical support staff at Please also be sure to include all previous replies when/if responding to this message.

Best Regards,

Stephen I
at Capcom Technical Support
Posted on 22 April 16 at 21:17
Thanks for the info people, I know there were some issues on the 360 version as well which were then patched out so fingers across this happens as well, I'm not sure how it could be a console issue though, seems pretty odd haha
Why are there so MANY numbers!?
Mr Bones7
Mr Bones7
Posted on 23 April 16 at 11:04
yeah i've asked for a refund at the moment and will keep a eye out to see if it gets patched. Not getting a new console way too many downloaded games on my current Xbox
Posted on 04 July 16 at 03:06
crash is still present i assume capcom as no intention to take responsibilities for this and fix this huge bug.
im glad to help people in online achievement as long they help me too XD
Posted on 11 July 16 at 00:27
Well, I have the same problem, Resident evil revelation 2, Resident evil 6 and Resident evil 5, I am gonna take the new Xbox one S, So if my game does not crash on the new console, I'am gonna let you know ! Because Capcom support and Xbox support Can't help !
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