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Saints Row 4 server not available?

Arsenic VII
Arsenic VII
Posted on 07 May 16 at 13:02
I manage to get the achievement but i had to do it on 360, for me it's unobtainable on Xbox one.
Posted on 11 May 16 at 17:21
It is easy to get Saintified, just read. I also put this in as a solution.

As of May 11th, 2016, this is still easily obtainable. and yes, I actually got it on the BC version on the X1. Trying to create an account on the console didn't work for me. You have to create an account on the official site at, and then you can link it to your GT on the console.
tHe P4NIK Spidi
Posted on 15 May 16 at 21:18
ok 1000 G saints row 4 (sign in PC) go to the game store and login. 0 problems. sorry I do not speak English

ir a PC crearte una cuenta y ir a la tienda dentro del juego. asi no habra problemas no intentes crearte la cuenta des de la xbox360 solo te deja des de el PC
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