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    Posted on 08 February 12 at 03:48
    Please use this thread to discuss the The Beatles: Rock Band walkthrough
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  • Posted on 13 March 12 at 14:35
    Not being picky or anything, but the High School Musical microphone is compatible with the game :)
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  • Posted on 13 March 12 at 19:29
    Great walkthrough! I do have a suggestion on something you may want to add though. I found that the drum solo in The End is much easier on lefty flip. It flows more naturally for a right-handed player that way, which kinda makes sense, since Ringo is a lefty playing on a righty set. I can only assume that righty mode would flow better for lefty players as well.
  • Tasty PastryTasty Pastry392,204
    Posted on 16 March 12 at 10:47
    If you can point me to the place where it should go and the exact text freakinalex, I'll gladly add it in and throw you on as an editor if you'd like. Feel free to PM me / post here if you're interested, no worries if you're not.
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  • Posted on 22 March 12 at 00:37
    I actually still own all the Helper files (well almost all the ones that make the hardest achievements a joke)

    When Megaupload went down lots of them went MIA and wherever PS3 users found the Pitch files they used I saved the Doubles pitch files where all you need to put your Mic up to decent PC speakers and watch your PC pop one of the hardest achievements.

    I haven't uploaded them anywhere and I don't know how TA feels about providing such links but if you are willing to hunt it is possible to earn the hardest achievements with a PC.....which I wish I knew about before I had my Dad sing countless Beatles songs with me haha.
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE570,162
    Posted on 30 December 12 at 13:50
    There is something I noticed while going through this guide. Sometimes, when displaying an achievement; there is some coding left right beneath it. On page 3 for example, under the achievements 'Liverpool Lads' and 'Toppermost of the Poppermost', you can see '-lads-achievement.htm' and '-of-the-poppermost-achievement.htm'.

    Other than that great guide. I'll use it once I boot up this game smile
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  • drabikdrabik362,715
    Posted on 04 January 13 at 14:27
    Fixed, thanks.
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