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Acquiring gold quickly?

Posted on 22 April 16 at 22:13
This game is very similar to battle islands/clash of clans, I know that I can upgrade the mine (whatever it's called that generates gold) and that I can attack bases, does anyone have a good suggestion for acquiring gold?

Every time I go to attack I have to pick a base in less than 1/10th of a second before it goes away (assuming someone else attacked it). All bases I attack I get the 3,000 gold bonus but every base only has about 1,000 gold.

Is there any way to attack bases like you could in battle islands by searching for targets manually by looking in the top 100?

Everyone else having issues attacking? Is it just because my nat type is moderate? I'm guessing it will get better the longer the game is out when there are more dead bases.

Any info would be great to see what everyone else is doing.
big red marino
Posted on 23 April 16 at 06:51
I have been using the gems I earn to buy gold. If you hit B to bring up the menu for battle, etc. there are small icons and the one on the left has gem prizes in there you can claim. This so far has gotten me quickly to the third age while in protection. You have to upgrade the coin storage and then fill it with coin using gems.
Xc Livewire cX
Posted on 24 April 16 at 23:40
You can't use that method of "spy attacking" in Battle Islands any longer since the update few weeks back, just straight Battle against a list of randoms now...
Strategy One
Strategy One
Posted on 11 May 16 at 01:30
Using Jewels to fill your purse is a bad idea, instead save your jewels and buy the thing under buildings that allows you to have another worker. Having more than 2 workers allows you to build more things at 1 time and makes building your base much faster instead of only 2 things at a time. To get gold faster increase in Trophies so when you get at least 1 star you get a good amount of gold just for obtaining 1 star which will happen a ton.
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