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Call of Duty: Consumer Warfare

KBop a doo
KBop a doo
Posted on 07 May 16 at 11:38
Is it right to package Call of Duty 4 exclusively with Infinite Warfare?

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Tasty Pastry
Tasty Pastry
Posted on 07 May 16 at 11:57
Some interesting thoughts.

Modern Warfare holds the same place in my heart as well. Part of it was just fortune - it was the top game when I was in college, so if you weren't playing Halo 3, you were playing it (or Super Smash Bros Melee, which was big at the time). Probably put in 150 hours into the game before I even purchased it myself - used - long after it came out. I didn't even question whether the community would still be there as people seemed to love the game.

But $80 is way too steep a price...I can't justify any game (or any two games) for that amount.
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:08, Edited on 07 May 16 at 12:08 by capicawl
Great read!

I plan on buying it, selling the game to a buddy for $10 less and call it a day. But still, $40 for a damn near 10 year old reboot is still a bitter pill to swallow.

I've spent more for less, I won't lie about that. laugh
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:10
I love the game but will not be purchasing Infinite Warfare to get a remaster of an old game, I'm not mad at them for doing this because they will sell copies to people who are no longer buying Call of Duty games because they are no longer "good", I however will not be giving them my money.
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:15
It’s hard to imagine there was a time when Halo and Gears of War overshadowed Call of Duty, and not the other way around.I've played all three series and, imho, that's still the situation.

$80 might be a price I and a lot of players in a similar situation are willing to pay.80 bucks is waaay to much for a Call of Duty game, but i wouldn't even spend that on my favorite series. I'm not spending so much for a meh game and the remaster of a good game that i've already played a lot.

And perhaps Activision will sell Modern Warfare Remastered separately at a later date, but isn't that even worse? Thousands of copies of Infinite Warfare will have been sold, advertised with the exclusivity of Modern Warfare Remastered. If MWR is no longer exclusive, those consumers will have been betrayed and essentially lied to.Yup, but that's what consumers do these days. These first promote games to be Xbox exclusive, or only available in certain packages, or DLC only available to pre-orderers, and then release it seperately anyway, or on another platform.

And when it is, are you going to be okay with that?Bottom line, whichever series it is, i'm NOT ok with it. As a customer i want to be able to buy the things i like. If i would want to buy the remaster, i'm not asking for a 80 buck package with a game that'll leave no impact on me whatsoever just to play the remaster of a good game. I'd rather just play the original copy then.
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:17
I whole heartedly agree. I almost wants to buy it just to give the developers a wake up call that we are tired of the futuristic setting. But I can't support this shady business practice. I'll buy battlefield instead since they are trying something new at least.
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:20, Edited on 07 May 16 at 12:21 by fighterx93chipp
I totally agree. Besides halo 3 it was my first online shooter at the time. I came to the 360 about 1-2 years post launch and I remember cod 4 being the bread and butter of the 360 for forever... It was the first cod that has just one map pack that brought only 4 new maps and those 4 maps lasted you a good hundred hours. Not to mention the overly addicting storyline... Mile high club is probably my favorite achievement to try for time and time again on friends Xbox consoles who don't have the achievement or on guest profiles just to challenge myself again. I think $80 is very steep and I'm a little mad they're not selling the game separate especially with battlefield 1 being 2 weeks before cod people may not want to spend the extra $20 just for the remaster. I am still in the air about the new cod but I say every year I'm not buying the next one and I always seem to cave. But for a game I've waited at least 3 years for a remaster I think I'm more than willing to spend the $80 and get infinite. Even if infinte is complete garbage I could always trade it in for Gamestop for approx $30-$40 meaning I get half of what I paid for which is probably how much cod 4 is going to be if Activision sells it separately.
GoW Butters
GoW Butters
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:21
I'm completely torn because I love the game as much as everyone but I'm not paying for the heap of shit that is going to come with it. Maybe they will sell and physical version and I can use the code and sell Infinite warfare as a stand alone on eBay?
I don't really know what I'm talking about.
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:24
there will surely be codes to be had on ebay so i don't have to pay for something that i don't want.
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:26
I'm hoping Infinite tanks and they eventually bite the bullet and sell the remaster separately.
Mobius Evalon
Mobius Evalon
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:32
While I basically agree with this article, this is pretty much a non-issue because you can buy a copy of CoD4 at any secondhand outlet. Anybody actually swayed to purchasing the deluxe editions for CoD4 remastered is exactly the lowest common denominator that the gaming industry makes all of its bucks off of.
My opinions are often unpopular and acerbic.
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:39, Edited on 07 May 16 at 12:40 by N0T PENNYS B0AT
Mobius Evalon said:While I basically agree with this article, this is pretty much a non-issue because you can buy a copy of CoD4 at any secondhand outlet. Anybody actually swayed to purchasing the deluxe editions for CoD4 remastered is exactly the lowest common denominator that the gaming industry makes all of its bucks off of.Call of Duty 4 on 360 is a hacked mess. Every lobby is taken over by people messing with the game. Have you played it lately? It's unplayable. Never mind the fact that plenty of people don't have 360s anymore. And then there's the idea that consumers should be given a choice. It's not anyone's fault to want a remaster of a great game.

Edit: Unless you mean a download code of the remaster off of eBay, in which case I agree with you. Then I'm just curious what the price hikes will look like on that.
dale smeegle
dale smeegle
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:42
I think call of duty is the exception to th rule as far as arguments about remaking and rehashing older games goes. I imagine a majority of people would rather buy an upgraded COD4 over infinite warfare. Why not scrap the new and give us 4 and 5 again. Fully updated to xbox one standards. Seems like a better deal as there's no doubts about how good the game is.
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:44
Well written.

I am not OK with this exclusivity. My brother is obsessed with COD. Ghosts was the only game he returned the day he bought it. He hates the look of this. He disliked AW. His favourite is 4.

I have not even started 4, another game in the backlog.
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:45
I think its smart but shady and I think we can expect infinite warfare to be a step backwards considering infinity ward are using MW2 as an incentive
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:46
Very good read.

There is absolutely no chance I will be getting the remaster if the only way to is to buy Infinite Warfare, I outright refuse to support this kind of dirty tactics to shift games. As if Activision weren't bad enough already.

Secondly, I think part of the reason we all loved CoD 4 so much was because it was new, it was fresh, now we've been playing modern day shooters yearly for almost the last decade I can't help but worry CoD 4 Remastered will just seem like another modern shooter with added nostalgia because of the old maps.

I will buy it if it's ever released separately (which I'm 99% sure it will).
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:46
I'm happy not playing the "remastered" - half the time the difference is barely noticeable, the other half I find the "improvements" often ruin the memory or the feel of it
Life, it's funny that way.
Posted on 07 May 16 at 12:57
Personally, I don't like the look of infinite warfare so far. I'm reserving full judgement until release but it just hasn't grabbed my interest in the way that say Battlefield 1 has.
Regardless of whether my opinion on infinite changes, using exclusivity of a beloved game remastered to shift copies is dodgy business practice. Honestly I'm sure they will release MW remastered individually at a later date; they'd be idiots not to, they just don't want their shiny new game being outsold on release by a remaster.
I may well decide I really like the look of infinite when we have more details, but if that doesn't happen I won't be tricked into buying a game I don't particularly want just because it's bundled with one that I want badly.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 07 May 16 at 13:00
Forget anything else this year......its all about euro fishing!
I Never Get Mad
Posted on 07 May 16 at 13:09
Buying this will enable them to do this in the future. As much as I want to play CoD4 considering its what got me into xbox live I'll be holding off. Don't let these guys pull yet another one over on all of us.
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