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Viva Pinata Lag - FPS issues

Posted on 08 May 16 at 19:16
Does anyone have any issues with Viva Pinata from Rare Replay?

I recently went 21 lvl and after that point the game starts lagging to the point of being unplayable. I tried power cycling my XONE but it didn't help.

Any thoughts / suggestions?
Posted on 09 May 16 at 01:01
Xbox One backwards compatibility forces v-sync to prevent screen tearing. In some cases, this slows down the games. I haven't heard anything on Viva Pinata specifically, but I know for sure Nuts and Bolts had slow down throughout the entire beginning. I recommend playing these on your 360 if possible.

Also, it's not lag. It's call slow down- it happens when the framerate in your game dives from running too much.
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