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Energy Bobblehead

Duality 290
Duality 290
Posted on 28 May 16 at 00:31
So I'm trying to get the energy bobblehead as I forgot it in Raven Rock and the glitch where you could re enter isn't working. I didnt blow up Raven Rock but with the DLC the pile of rubble is there. This video: was made after the DLC but I dont know if they patched it now as it doesn't work. Anybody know any work arounds?

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 28 May 16 at 06:30
It was the only one I missed. I have searched everywhere for a fix and found only one which entails deleting all patches and playing offline. That way you can try the glitch that gets you back into Raven Rock.

Personally, I didn't fancy doing this and have been gearing myself up for another playthrough.
Lt Davo
Lt Davo
Posted on 11 August 16 at 20:04
If you have a save from Raven Rock or earlier, it shouldn't be too much trouble to grab Energy, complete the quest, and then go back and pick up any others you need. Charisma, Lockpick, Melee, Science, and Small Guns are the only ones that are time-consuming to get. The rest are pretty much a matter of fast travel and grab, especially if you have a few Stealth Boys.
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