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ATM Missions?!?!?!

Posted on 15 June 16 at 11:46
For anyone still struggling with this achievement I did manage to get 4 atm missions to spawn to get the achievement using this method... (please note that this did still take me 4-5 hours but I was able to get on with some work/watch something on my laptop with one eye on the xbox so wasn't as annoying as playing the missions or letting the time countdown in hope to get another mission)

load up the beebop mission, literally don't touch your controller when the first mission starts and let it play out, the a.i. will sort them out, then wait till the next mission starts, if it's not one you need just quit out and try again.

I did find that I got the atm missions more when the first spawn point was around the pizza truck, opposed to the second starting spawn point which is near the basketball net. (so you could quit out if you spawn at the basketball court if you wanted to test that theory)

Yes this is not quick fix but it is a method that allows you to sit and watch netflix or something and just keep looking at the xbox screen when you need to reload etc.

Hope this at least helps a few people out in getting these annoying last few achievements.
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