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TrueAchievementElite Guild Thread

  • cnirvanacnirvana2,196,717
    Posted on 30 May 16 at 13:56, Edited on 17 March 24 at 02:12 by cnirvana

    #1 WE ARE A COMMUNITY. WE WORK TOGETHER AND HAVE FUN. New members coming in at this point forward will be required to use / share their stats via the Gems Of War Database website. Instructions are at the very bottom of this post.

    Due to the bonuses the guild will reap from more active donations from all members, the following rules will be put into place starting the week of (01/08/2024) (For historical purposes our original requirements went into effect 07/21/16). This determines how we do our guild Ranking / Promotions / Demotions / Kicking of members. It is structured and dependent on current contributions to the guild.

    We focus on what can be tracked on the guild and event screens. We will all have personal goals that we will be working on that are not able to be tracked from these screens (Reaching Level 10 in all kingdoms for permanent bonuses to stats, Getting all kingdoms up to 3, 5, 7, 20 stars, Fully traiting all troops etc.) but these are the rules for the guild and what we will expect from our members. This benefits all of us. They are low standards compared to what the top few guilds require. But it does hold everyone accountable and will not allow someone to just leech off the system. There are no maximums to these totals. But these are the minimums, and they are subject to increase with a one-week notice based on guild needs. We log these based on the final weekly numbers at server reset time for the week (0700 hours UTC/GMT) Note that there have been reports of people who did donations within the last few minutes of the period have had problems with them counting on their numbers. Try not to wait until the last minute.

    See the area below our guild stats for current rules / expectations.

    Guild name - TrueAchievementElite
    Date Guild Created - 04/27/2016
    Member Total - 30/30
    Guild Level – 5,766
    Guild Bonuses - +200 in all Masteries
    League - God (+19 Daily Login Seals)
    Current Trophies – 7,261,443
    Leaderboard Ranking - 34

    Note : If you have a major life event (eg. move, vacation, birth of a child, death in family) let us know and we will make a notation and excuse you for a reasonable amount of time. Life happens, and family always comes first.

    Inactivity - If your totals are all 0 for the week without advance notice you will be removed.

    Communication - Active communication for Time Away from Guild / Pet Rescues / Tower of Doom is required. We use this guild thread on the TA forum and a Guild Xbox group message for communication.

    Trophies - There is a 300 minimum trophy requirement. Trophies can be easily earned in every game mode except Treasure Hunt.

    Guild Wars - Participate in at least 20 of the 30 Battles
    The requirement is for the number of battles participated in for the week. There are no requirements on purchases of sentinels. Anyone detected loading up the matches and retreating out to boost the number of matches played will be kicked from the guild immediately. Winning gets us points, losing gets us points. Retreating gets us nothing.

    Donations – 1,200,000 +
    Seals – 1,000
    Trophies – 300
    Guild Wars - Participate in at least 20 of the 30 Battles
    All Other Guild Events – Participate (25% of fair share points needed)

    Donations – 1,000,000-1,199,999
    Seals – 1,000
    Trophies – 300
    Guild Wars - Participate in at least 20 of the 30 Battles
    All Other Guild Events – Participate (25% of fair share points needed)

    Donations – 750,000-999,999
    Seals – 1,000
    Trophies – 300
    Guild Wars - Participate in at least 20 of the 30 Battles
    All Other Guild Events – Participate (25% of fair share points needed)

    Warning to raise production to the Rank 4 level
    (2 Warnings within 3 weeks will result in being kicked)

    Donations – 250,000-749,999
    Seals – 1,000
    Trophies – 300
    Guild Wars - Participate in at least 20 of the 30 Battles
    All Other Guild Events – Participate (25% of fair share points needed)

    Whatever you fall into, you will be placed there for the week. Anyone failing to hit Rank 5 will be moved to Rank 5 with some symbol next to their name. A formal warning to raise production. You hit Rank 2 the next week, cool. Back to Rank 2. But if you get 2 Warning status in a 3 week period you will be kicked.

    Until you reach 5,000,000 in total lifetime donations you are on probation status and subject to removal if you fail to hit your numbers.

    You will be sent a PM to confirm your addition / invite when we have an opening. The list is kept in the order the request was received. When there is an open spot you will be sent a TA and Xbox PM and will have 24 hours to respond before we will move on to the next person waiting on the list.


    Basic crib notes version…. Go here and set up / link your account. It will ask you to confirm that it is you by providing your current number of certain traitstones.

    After you do that, go here
    And flip the switch to turn on Leaderboard and Statistics. That way our guild can dominate the leaderboard.

    Finally, go here
    Click on TOOLS which is below your avatar under the word COLLECTION. and select SHARE MY COLLECTION Then from the next sub-menu select "(as Web page)" Doing this will provide you with a hotlink to your stats that other people can view.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 30 May 16 at 15:07, Edited on 22 August 16 at 18:06 by
    I'm going to use this space as a general information post for different aspects of the game. If anyone has any other/better information they'd like to see just send me a message and I'll update this post.

    Getting mythic cards: Every week under the rewards section of the shop there is a card that goes on sale for a set amount of glory. Save up until you have enough to purchase 5 copies of an orange card and then ascend it to mystic.

    Farming glory: Playing treasure hunt, winning battles in PvP, logging in daily (the higher your rank the more glory you get per day) and by gaining tribute from your kingdoms.

    Maps: You can farm maps by using Tyri (complete Zhul'Kari questline to get a copy of the card)
    Souls: You can farm souls by using Valkyrie (found in chests)

    Warlord IV: Finishing a quest or challenge on Warlord IV to receive a bonus to your exp,gold and souls. If you play a PVP match afterwards you'll still maintain the reward bonus even though there isn't a difficulty setting in PVP.

    Kingdom information (banners, upgrade cost etc): link hidden

    Weapon list: link hidden

    Troop list: link hidden
    Arcane Stone info: link hidden

    Potential troops that will be released for the weekly event: link hidden

    Treasure Hunt mechanics: link hidden

    Weekly event thread: link hidden

    Guild Tasks:
    ARMaximus said:
    Not a bad week for the stats, thanks to everyone that contributed for it. toast

    I have to second what cnirvana been saying all this past weeks and it's stated on his first post, but maybe explain more how it works so everyone follows this process where everyone get the best benefits.

    Let's start, below there is a list of what you can get from guild tasks:

    x3 Tokens, x10 Gems (38,000 Gold)
    x3 Tokens, x12 Glory Keys (36,000 Gold)
    x7 Tokens (11,000 Gold)
    x3 Tokens, x100 Souls (22,000 Gold)
    x4 Tokens, x2 Maps (27,000 Gold)

    Only 3 will be displayed at time, but we can easily make it enter in a cycle, ignoring x100 Souls and the x2 Maps tasks. So in one task slot we will see the first 3 listed above cycling between themselves once upon completion. Now I need to explain:

    Why ignore x100 Souls task, this can be easily farmed, you need to have Valkyrie troop, not worth to spend 22,000 Gold on it at all, see the quote below from Afney for more information.

    Why ignore x2 Maps task, this is another easy farm, you need to have Tyri troop, not worth to spend 27,000 Gold on it as well, see the quote below from Afney for more information.

    Why spend Gold on x10 Gems task, there is no other 'free' option for you to buy Gems (unless you choose to spend real money), Gems can be used on: Armor, Gem Chests, Event Chests, etc.

    Why spend Gold on x12 Glory Keys task, this keys costs Glory, which you should save for the weekly reward instead, Glory keys can drop for you any troop available up to date, Rare and above.

    Why spend Gold on x7 Tokens task, because it's cheap... just kidding, it helps everyone improving their masteries bonus, giving the player higher chance of mana surges.
    I'm always willing to help other players boost achievements even if I already have them. Just ask!
  • neeker75neeker751,928,582
    Posted on 30 May 16 at 15:18
    I'm Firmino, contributor of 329K gold and 440+ trophies so far. :)
  • ARMaximusARMaximus557,515
    Posted on 30 May 16 at 16:45
    Nice guide you have put here cnirvana, as mention above I'm Maximus, I have already completed the game in achievements wise, so I'm going mostly for trophies when I have free time! wink
  • cnirvanacnirvana2,196,717
    Posted on 30 May 16 at 19:48
    Okay. Updated neeker75 and Nic Jessop.

    Neeker75 - Great job. And that's why I bumped you up to Rank 2 smile

    ARMaximus - You are tearing it up! I can't believe the rate you are advancing. You will overtake me by the end of the week. What line up are you using for your main team? Here is mine

    Goblin Banner (+1 Green +1 Brown)
    Lv 18 Epic Druid with 2 Traits
    Lv 17 Very Rare Valkyrie with 2 Traits
    Lv 20 Mythic Bone Dragon with 2 Traits
    Lv 18 Epic Shadow-Hunter

    I have found that the Shadow-Hunter has become more and more powerful as the teams I face get harder. The Valkyrie is great for boosting soul production. You can almost always force an extra turn with her power, and the influx of Blue gems powers up the Druid and Shadow-Hunter. The Bone Dragon helps move battles along by stripping armor and producing skulls.

    I also have an alternate team that I am experimenting with to do challenges and farm Treasure Maps.

    Dark Elven Banner (+1 Green +1 Purple)
    Lv 18 Epic Tyri
    Lv 20 Mythic Bone Dragon with 2 Traits
    Lv 17 Very Rare Valkyrie with 2 Traits
    Lv 19 Legendary Raven

    With this team I try to spam Tyri and Valkyrie until Tyri is defeated (farm Treasure Maps and Souls). Then the others have no problem finishing off the battle. Not quite confident enough with this setup to bring it into PvP play though....
  • VegaDark541VegaDark541354,331
    Posted on 30 May 16 at 20:53, Edited on 30 May 16 at 20:57 by VegaDark541
    In PvP I win about 99% of the time with this team:

    Level 19 Legendary Hobgoblin w/ 2 traits
    Level 17 Very Rare Goblin w/ 3 traits
    Level 17 Very Rare Boar Rider w/ 3 traits (1 away from ascending to epic)
    Level 17 Very Rare Goblin Shaman w/ 3 traits (1 away from ascending to epic)
    Banner: +2 green

    Another team I'm building up that I think is going to be very good once traited/leveled is:
    Jarl Firemantle
    Goblin Rocket x3 (or Goblin Rocket x2 and Moloch if you have Moloch's second trait)
    Banner: +2 red

    The idea is that you charge Jarl once, and your three allies all have fire link so that will give you a minimum of 8 red mana per match of red, assuming no mana surge. You constantly use Jarl's attack, which more often than not gives you an extra turn or at least self-charges again to full, sometimes both. If it doesn't charge you can use Goblin Rocket's attack to blow up some red/black gems to charge it for you and keep it on your turn. Currently I have Goblin Rocket Epic level 18 with 1 trait, but I need to build up Jarl more before I can test this out in PvP. I've had very good luck with my untraited level 11 Jarl though in challenges.
  • ARMaximusARMaximus557,515
    Posted on 30 May 16 at 21:21, Edited on 30 May 16 at 22:53 by ARMaximus
    My PVP Team
    Giants' Banner (+2 Blue Mana)
    Lv 20 Mythic Bul'Taurus with 3 Traits (It can do around 15 damage on all enemies, )
    Lv 19 Legendary Druid with 3 Traits
    Lv 19 Legendary Druid with 3 Traits (It's a must since it starts with 50% Mana, combined they do over 30 damage to enemies)
    Lv 19 Legendary Bone Dragon 1 Trait (Working on this one still)

    My Gold/Souls/Maps/Traitstones Boost Team
    Banner of Progress (+1 Red and +1 Yellow Mana)
    Lv 18 Epic Valkyrie with 3 Traits
    Lv 18 Epic Alchemist with 3 Traits
    Lv 18 Epic Tyri with 1 Trait (This going to be a b*tch to get to 3)
    Lv 18 Epic Dryad 3 Traits

    I'm pretty sure that there are better setups, but so far it worked just fine for me! dance
  • Posted on 31 May 16 at 12:16
    I'm one of those Rank 5 people smile. I just got back into the game a few weeks ago and I'm working on building up teams and clearing out quests, challenges, and the like. I don't really have a good PVP team yet so I have been doing those battles sparingly while I build up. I'd rather not lose us trophies because I have a crap team. I try to throw in a few thousand gold a day though so I am at least contributing SOMETHING. I'm going to try some of your team combinations here and see if I can get a good PVP team together.
  • x TheWorstGamerx TheWorstGamer2,341,576
    Posted on 31 May 16 at 13:14
    Hey There,

    Just got linked to this thread by SpaceCadetGrady. I'm one of the unknowns "Fwabes" :)
  • Posted on 31 May 16 at 13:56
    Hey there! I use the same name. I just found this guild a little over a week ago I believe. I was browsing through the open public and sure enough I saw a TA guild. As a member of TA, I felt I had to join.

    I'm loving the guild already. I thought about quitting Gems at 800G (I'm not a completionist so didn't need to grind to 100) but after seeing the level of activity within the guild, I figured it would be a blast to ride it out.

    I'm at lvl 25 now and still just figuring everything out in terms of crafting, treasure hunt, mana boost, etc. I sort of just played Bejeweled until I won when I started haha. I'm learning troops and combinations more and more every day so hopefully I can get this down soon.

    Thanks for making this open public! I never would've stumbled upon it if y'all hadn't. I think I joined and we were in the 800s, now we're in the 400s. Great stuff!
  • NatasNaesNatasNaes788,919
    Posted on 01 June 16 at 00:31
    Could someone please send me an invite to this guild my invite code is natasnaes
  • cnirvanacnirvana2,196,717
    Posted on 01 June 16 at 02:15, Edited on 01 June 16 at 02:20 by cnirvana
    Updated... Heck of a jump today with the new cycle starting!

    Picked up a couple of randoms over the last few days, Were are getting tight on space so I jacked up the minimum level to 50 for randoms. I'll do some pruning if we have other TA members wanting in and these randoms aren't pulling their weight.

    New card Sylvasi looks like it could be pretty powerful if you were to Mythic it.... Anyone willing to take the plunge / Level it to 20 and share the stats?

    Ocarina of Tom - Protip - If you are getting close to losing the battle and RETREAT you will not lose a trophy (or Star for your weekly ranking) but you will lose your win streak star bonus if you are getting that.

    x TheWorstGamer - got you updated.

    NatasNaes - Sent you an invite.
  • AfneyAfney202,490
    Posted on 01 June 16 at 09:09
    Hi there,

    For those who would like to quickly have a competitive team in PvP, I'd advise to use Emperina (the epic card you get when finishing Khaziel quests). Its power fully heals a card and gives it 7 extra attack and life points, so it's deadly when combined with cards that have high life points.

    I have a team with Emperina and the Shadow Dragon, and this duo alone (with no traits) gets me about 70% wins in PvP. I haven't played the game for a while so I'm not really familiar with the traits yet, but some of them seem to have a great synergy with Emperina's power (i.e. those giving skull damage resistance).

    I'll try to complete this piece of advice when I find a complete and more competitive team based on Emperina. Let me know if you have any comment about this post.
  • Posted on 01 June 16 at 11:14
    cnirvana said:Ocarina of Tom - Protip - If you are getting close to losing the battle and RETREAT you will not lose a trophy (or Star for your weekly ranking) but you will lose your win streak star bonus if you are getting that.

    Reeeeaaaaaalllyyyyyyyy?!?! Well then. There's my evening settled tonight. After some packing. I'm moving in 2 weeks so priorities and all that.
  • neeker75neeker751,928,582
    Posted on 01 June 16 at 13:33
    I'll be taking a break these few days to focus on completing Hitman Marrakesh. Normal service will resume this weekend. 😉
  • VegaDark541VegaDark541354,331
    Posted on 01 June 16 at 16:45
    I'll also let everyone know that currently the kingdom skill bonuses (for having a kingdom at level 10) affects all your troops, not just your main character, so it's very good to get kingdoms at level 10. I have 3 currently level 10, with the magic, attack, and your home kingdom (due to increased chance of tribute) being top priority.

    That being said, currently there's a bug where all your kingdom bonuses will also apply to enemy teams, so keep that in mind. Currently that's better for you since the AI makes dumb decisions often, and because you always start with the first turn, but it's not nearly as good as it should be.
  • cnirvanacnirvana2,196,717
    Posted on 02 June 16 at 00:35
    VegaDark541 - It just costs so much to upgrade those higher levels. I've just been upgrading as the daily tasks come up. Is there really a big benefit in donations / bonuses? I have my home kingdom at 10 (2 gold star too).

    Updated first post again, Gained 20 spots on the leaderboard in less than 24 hours smile Added 2 new members (NatasNaes, and George) Who invited George and who is he? At Lv. 130 it seems unlikely that he was a random addition. That put us at 30/30, so at the recommendation of some other members I kicked 2 low level random players who had not logged in for two weeks and had VERY low totals.

    So we are back to having two open spots and there are several low level accts that I have my eye on that most likely will go inactive soon.
  • Posted on 02 June 16 at 02:06
    The retreat suggestion worked and I climbed from 15 all the way up to 5 tonight. Trophies for days. There is little bowling dude one and the gold cup one and even the little league one. Trophies everywhere.
  • VegaDark541VegaDark541354,331
    Posted on 02 June 16 at 06:36
    cnirvana said:. Is there really a big benefit in donations / bonuses? I have my home kingdom at 10 (2 gold star too).
    Yes. The chance for tribute is what makes upgrading really worthwhile. This is because the more kingdoms you have tribute at once, you get that number of gems minus one. You also gain more gold keys depending on the number of kingdoms tributing. So if 5 kingdoms tribute, you gain 4 gems. I'm not exactly sure how often the gold (and therefore chance for tribute) resets, but I think it's around every hour. This means that if you checked in over the course of 5 hours and averaged 6 tributes per gold claim, that would be 25 gems just in tribute bonuses.

    Now, if you manage to get a city to 3 gold stars (I've not accomplished this yet, Goblin King is eluding me or I'd get it right away) you actually double the chance of tribute for that city, so you would go from 10% to 20%. 1 in 5 is really good considering there are 19 kingdoms with a chance to tribute. With all 19 kingdoms at level 10 and all 3 with 3 gold stars (yes, this would be insanely hard to accomplish) you're looking at regularly seeing a minimum of 3-4 kingdoms tribute every time you check in, often many more. Personally I have all kingdoms level 6 or better with 3 at 10, and today alone I saw a 5 and a 7 kingdom tribute, so I'm getting there although getting ones that high are pretty rare.
  • DemonVexx8DemonVexx8248,702
    Posted on 02 June 16 at 20:56
    Hi all screen name is my TA name and I'm new to forums/ threads and have been with the GOW guild since rank 1750 and feeling proud I have multiple set ups to make use of all the slots and makes it easier switching parties for those annoying task 'use 3 troops of the same mana' etc

    My main party is incomplete but has been getting about 95% win rate at worst in PVP
    Banner: Purple +2
    1. Shadow Dragon (L) 19 [Purple/Yellow] (About to get my first trait)
    2. Ancient Horror (E) 18 [Purple/Brown] (2 Traits) Finding it hard to get rid of this guy even for his low health because of curse, if it lowers the opponents magic it really ups your odds of winning.
    3.Barbearius (E) 18 [Red/Green (No traits) Looking to replace this one but haven't found the right card as Barbearius helps me cover the last two mana colours to ensure I never waste a turn.
    4. Psion (L) 19 [Purple/Blue] (No traits) I like this card for the fact that it drains mana and deals damage.

    This party doesn't seem much at first but with the trait I'm about to get for Shadow Dragon and the existing trait on Ancient Horror gets extra gems when matching purples, from what I've seen I expect a 3 match of purples to give 7 points.
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