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TrueAchievementElite Guild Thread

Posted on 02 June 16 at 20:58
Hi there - I just took the 30th slot 8o)
GoW Screen name is Darren and currently Level 128.

I only need the 2 vaults on treasure hunt cheevo but will be sticking around as really enjoying the game and currently trying to level up my troops.
Mav A Nice Day
Posted on 02 June 16 at 21:20
Noobish question

What's the best item to buy with your Glory? I haven't spent any and now I have the challenge to make a Glory purchase. I'm leaning towards that bundle with Sylvasi's Blade but wanted to check if y'all had something better in mind.

I'm still experiencing with squads as I unlock troops so thanks Afney for the advice on Emperina.
Posted on 02 June 16 at 22:40
I always use my saved Glory on rewards, sometimes it's 300, sometimes it bumps to 400 (this is also used to get a troop to Mythic level).

x1 Card
2 Event Keys
200 Souls
2,500 Gold
x2 Arcane ***** Traitstone
x4 Minor ***** Traitstone

There are several ways to farm glory:

- Invading/Defending will reward you 3 Glory.
- Get fast to rank 1 when it resets as it reward you daily 16 Glory.
- Treasure Hunt (this one of my favourites).
- Local task (guess what, use 4 treasure maps for 100 Glory).
- Tributes from owned kingdoms (home, power and level of the kingdom increases their tribute).

Maybe there are more ways, I just can't remember now! sleep
Posted on 02 June 16 at 23:31, Edited on 02 June 16 at 23:38 by VegaDark541
You should save up glory to purchase the featured troop enough times to mythic it. This is far and away the best way to earn the mythic achievement. Make sure you have enough to have 16 copies at the end (for epic, or 5 for legendary) or you will have spent all your glory without getting it (you can also get lucky with keys but you shouldn't count on it). After you have that, it's still generally best spend on the weekly featured troop reward, mostly due to the arcane stones you get. Arcane stones are extremely hard to farm otherwise. Unfortunately, that requires you to wait for a week where it gives you the type of stone you are looking for, which could be a while. Personally I'm waiting on arcane forest traitstones.

Also, I'll add that completing the "make a glory purchase" task is extremely easy because you can actually just purchase a glory chest and it will count. Interestingly for all the "use a key" tasks you can also just buy chests instead of actually using keys. (This makes the "Use a gem key" the absolute best task you can hope for, since the cost for a gem chest is 10 gems and the reward is 10 gems, so it's just a free gem chest)!
Mav A Nice Day
Posted on 03 June 16 at 00:06
Awesome! Thanks guys for the help. It's awesome being in a guild with helpful veterans.
Posted on 03 June 16 at 03:14
Okay.... We got two more over the past day, and I just removed the two lowest ranking non-TA members (Inactive since joining 2 days ago, 0 trophies, and 1000 or less in donations) So we are back at 28/30 like we were before.

Closed the Guild to Invite Only status.

Can any of you help me identify these users?

4) George / UNKNOWN / Lv. 130
4) KillingDisorder / UNKNOWN / Lv. 38
5) AbidingAchiever / UNKNOWN / Lv. 44
5) Raven Cyrax / UNKNOWN / Lv.32
5) KarmicArtist83 / UNKNOWN / Lv. 21

I believe these are TA users.... I may be wrong.... But I have no clue who they are..

Posted on 03 June 16 at 04:43
AbidingAchiever joined via my Reddit post, not even sure he's on TA. Don't know about the others.
Ocarina of Tom
Posted on 03 June 16 at 11:28
Hey all, a heads up. I am moving out of state so the next couple of weeks are probably going to be very very spotty for me. I'm not abandoning the game or anything but for obvious reasons, I am not going to have nearly as much time to put into it until I get set up in my new place. After that, normal matching of gems and destruction of foes shall resume.
Mav A Nice Day
Posted on 08 June 16 at 15:43
I'm really liking Mist Stalker and the Sacred Guardian cards. Did anyone ever use these for awhile and recommend any partners cards for these two being the damage dealers? I'm currently working w/ Lvl 9-12 troops.
Posted on 08 June 16 at 17:34
I haven't played these cards a lot, but I quickly tried to find teams based on this duo, I hope it might help.

I would advise you to add at least one defensive card to your team. Alastair and the Dryad are quite good in this role and easy to find, so you could try Alastair + Ranger, or Dryad + Chimera (or even Alastair + Dryad if you like defensive team, but fights might be a little bit longer, it seems more appropriate for PvP).

If you prefer versatile cards, Treant + Wight should give you a good team too.

It's a little bit difficult to find and train a coherent and competitive team at low level as you lack souls, so try to do as many challenges as you can, as the last step gives you 100 souls (plus bonus based on the difficulty).
Mav A Nice Day
Posted on 08 June 16 at 20:53
Thanks for the feedback. I like the green link from Dryad so I threw her in, and Chimera replacing Sacred Guardian so my current lineup is:

Ranger lvl 9
Chimera lvl 9
Dryad lvl 9
Mist Stalker lvl 15

The first 3 started at lvl 1 so I got them where I could with 2k. Also, I just got this legendary Jarl Firemantle so I may be looking to get him in this Red/Yellow team as he makes 10 of each :O
Posted on 08 June 16 at 21:13
I think it's important to have all colors of mana in a team, so I'd probably replace the Ranger by the Sacred Guardian.

You'll see that legendary cards are way stronger than common or rare ones, especially at high level since the stat gains drastically increase between level 15 and 20. I haven't got Jarl Firemantle yet so I can't give you any idea of team based on him, but I think your priority should be to train him to lvl 19.
Posted on 09 June 16 at 05:00
M4V3R1CKfan11 said: Also, I just got this legendary Jarl Firemantle so I may be looking to get him in this Red/Yellow team as he makes 10 of each :OI posted a team surrounding him earlier, he's great with the following:

Jarl Firemantle
Goblin Rocket x3 (or Goblin Rocket x2 and Moloch if you have Moloch's second trait)
Banner: +2 red

Only viable after Goblin Rocket has the first trait (fire link)

I've mastered at least 5 challenges on Warlord IV with this team. Jarl doesn't even have his first trait. It's more luck dependent than other teams, but if you just have moderate luck you're very likely to win.
Posted on 10 June 16 at 06:50
I haven't gotten a single orange card despite playing this game for over 140 hours. I personally don't have many souls left to level the purple ones, so I'm sticking with my team of Goblins, or what others would consider as a "cheating" team because every member in this team gains an extra turn after casting a spell.

- Goblin Rocket, blue card, two traits (my highest HP member, primarily to absorb hits until I make enough green gems)
- Goblin x 2, green card, three traits (my main damage dealer - only does 8 damage, but extra turns after each move can make it to 16)
- Goblin Shaman, blue card, two traits (make green gems, increase random skill by 3 every time it casts a spell)

I win most of my fights, sometimes even against teams with four orange cards. I once took down a Celestial that cast Radiance until its HP+Armor was over 70+. As I mentioned, all the extra turns help, and if you can spot patterns well, the Goblin Rocket's ability to remove nine gems (blast one gem, and remove all surrounding gems as well) can become very useful in prolonging your turns. The Shaman increasing random skill by 3 is also useful in long fights. Sometimes it buffs itself up to over 40 HP+armor, and can be useful when he's the only card left, waiting for skull matches to kill off the opposing cards. I lost count how many times I used the Shaman to finish off high level legendary cards just because I kept using him to make green gems, and during the process, he buffed his own HP up.

This team will have some problems against teams with Valkyries because it doesn't have any member that uses blue gems. But generally it can win many fights without much issues.

I also have a Level 18 Blade Dancer, which I used extensively before I built the team of Goblins. The Blade Dancer is very useful when you're up against a team of high armor enemies. Its first attack shaves off enemy's armor based on their armor values. I always use him to attack at least two times before his attack becomes useless. It's a pity that I can't use him with my Goblins because he takes in green gems, and will therefore upset the gems' distribution.
Posted on 12 June 16 at 18:32
Hi, if this guild is active I'd like to join. I'm currently level 80 and play every week to get to rank 1 in PvP. My invite code is Wyyvern.
Here be dragons.
Posted on 12 June 16 at 22:58
Wyyvern said:Hi, if this guild is active I'd like to join. I'm currently level 80 and play every week to get to rank 1 in PvP. My invite code is Wyyvern.Invite coming shortly
Posted on 13 June 16 at 19:38, Edited on 13 June 16 at 19:45 by cnirvana
Did a much needed update to the first post of the thread.

Major changes
- ErrantChimera0 Left the guild on his own. More than willing to have him back if he chooses.

- Wyyvern Was added as a new member! Welcome!!!! smile

- We hit the Maximum Rank/League on the Leaderboard (Champion) So now we get the +100% Daily Gold Bonus clap Great job guys!

- Just about to break into the top 250 guilds. It's going to be tougher to gain spots from here out, but we can do it!

- Guild Bonuses to Masteries are getting really nice! (+12/+13) Hopefully everyone can see the difference in their games and it makes everything just a little easier/quicker battle wise. Lets keep up the awesome donations when possible.

- I do have an eye on KillingDisorder he is not a TA member and has been inactive for over 2 weeks as of this post. He may have abandoned the game. Next update I will kick him if he is still inactive unless you guys think I should do it sooner. I'm just holding off at the moment because we still have open spots for TA members.

- Does anyone know who 'george' is? I really would have thought that someone invited him since he is such a high level.... But there is a small chance that he is a random player who joined right before I closed the guild off to random players. I'm 99% sure Igor and Angel are randoms.... Unknown what their gamertags are though. Other people who I was unsure of ended up being real gamertags who were not TA members. I added them to TA and updated the first post to reflect this.


Ok. With that out of the way..... based on VegaDark541's earlier suggestion, I think that I am going to start dumping some of my gold into Kingdom Levels to raise the chance of Tributes, and in turn amplify the amount of gold I acquire in the future. Thus, my guild donations will go down in the short term but hopefully increase in the long term. If you are wondering about Kingdom Levels and benefits, please see this page.

Reminder to all... Most of you are great about playing PvP and hitting rank 1 ASAP. I would really strongly recommend EVERYONE do this. Not only does it give us trophies to rank up the guild in the leaderboards, It increases your daily / weekly Glory bonuses which you will need to stockpile in order to get
Gems of WarMythical CreatureThe Mythical Creature achievement in Gems of War worth 39 pointsAscend a troop to Mythic rarity
It is not an overnight process. You need to do it week after week and let that Glory build up so you can buy the copies of the Epic or Legendary card that you need to convert it to Mythic. (16 Epics or 6 Legendries) In the weekly deal. Note that since this Achievement came out, there has not been a Legendary offered as the weekly deal / new card, so most likely you will be stockpiling for 4,800 (300 Glory X 16 Bundles) or 6,400 (400 Glory X 16 Bundles) on an Epic card to get that achievement. Of course there have been a few weeks in which they have offered a Real Money Bundle / Troop Pack of 16 Epic cards in the store for $29.99. But that seems a little too rich for my blood just to buy an achievement. I have no problem supporting the developer for this fantastic game. I just wouldn't toss out $30 for an achievement.
Posted on 15 June 16 at 05:18
The latest bundle is an Epic at 300 Glory.

I'm still 2,000 Glory short, so I'll continue to stockpile until the next 300 Glory Epic.
Posted on 15 June 16 at 05:25, Edited on 15 June 16 at 05:26 by VegaDark541
I'm particularly interested in this bundle because of the Arcane Forrest traitstones. Zajein is my home city, and I need 31 between Black Boar, Brian the Lucky, and Goblin King (which I don't have yet, sadly) for all their traits...but that's a crazy amount of glory (16 purchases incidentally, which is just enough to get the epic card to mythic for those after the achievement).

I'll also link this great post that allows you to look up which troops use a particular traitstone if you are looking to stock up on a given week:
Posted on 16 June 16 at 02:20, Edited on 17 June 16 at 03:19 by neeker75
Somehow, my wife managed to make two vaults in treasure hunt. I got to thank her for unlocking that achievement for me. According to her, it's "so much easier on the Xbox" because on her Android version of the game, Treasure Hunts start with only eight turns.

Having played a bit while watching Euro 2016 at the same time last night, I'm now 1,600 glory short to 4,800 glory. With 5-6 days left, is it realistic to hope that I can reach 4,800 in time to finally get a Mythical card? :p
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