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XBL Content Roundup: June 3rd, 2016

    Posted on 05 June 16 at 13:44
    Still like the old look better .
  • Reaver LionReaver Lion1,102,391
    Posted on 05 June 16 at 14:37
    Elite1111111111 said:Strategy One said:A lot of white boxesDitto, all the text is white text in white boxes for me.same here using dark theme
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  • Posted on 05 June 16 at 15:25
    DLC decription is a pain, but overall the new look is a thumbs up from my side.

    Categories (pre-oders/new games etc.) could be more recognisable (larger/fat/colored/etc.).

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  • Ereaser NLEreaser NL454,529
    Posted on 05 June 16 at 18:50, Edited on 08 June 16 at 08:56 by Ereaser NL
    I like the new layout, much cleaner.
    Maybe put the download text button behind the game instead of in the price table? Or create an icon button for it, so it takes up less space.

    Edit: with the new homepage layout it already looks a lot better!
  • SashamorningSashamorning2,656,486
    Posted on 05 June 16 at 23:11
    I agree with those that say to put the videos in spoilers. It would make the page much shorter, and harder to skip over the next game. I never look at the videos anyway, but I know some do.

    Also, I'm missing some description about the games. Again, spoiler.
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  • LuckyKantLuckyKant936,985
    Posted on 05 June 16 at 23:36
    I am finding this page extremely long to load.

    Now using the dark theme and seeing white on white text.
  • Posted on 06 June 16 at 07:32
    mosin360 said:Wow, talk about one heck of a page! I had no idea there was a new free game on the One.Yeah but you need an Xbox One for that
  • Posted on 06 June 16 at 07:55
    Just my two cents worth. Like others have said:

    1. Using the dark theme I cannot read any text on the page. It is white letters in a white text box.
    2. Putting the videos in a spoiler (or equivalent) click to open box would shorten the page and help with missing a game that is listed between two video boxes.
    3. Headers for the different categories need to be bigger and bolder (or some other distinction)

    Thanks for the hard work guys.
  • Elite1111111111Elite11111111111,013,282
    Posted on 06 June 16 at 13:32, Edited on 06 June 16 at 13:41 by Elite1111111111
    One thing I noticed is that this format is a bit inconsistent. You have some big charts with several games and packs in them, but for Frozen Free Fall you have 3 separate charts, with the Game Title and DLC Titles as headers. I'm going to assume this is because there may not have been room for number of achievements/GS.
    Then for Pre-Orders you have all the titles as headers and a whole bunch of separate one row charts. Not sure why this couldn't just be one big chart. I originally thought maybe because the date wouldn't fit, but since you have Game and DLC titles in later charts I don't see why it couldn't.
    In both cases, if you had to forego the chart just to fit this info in, I feel the charts need reworked to fit the pertinent info. For example, some of the price columns seemed a bit wider than necessary, especially considering Dead or Alive DLC was about the only thing with a Yen Price. Also, for some things with no Yen price, you had '¥ N/A', but others you just had 'N/A'.

    And then of course as people commented the Dark Theme issues.

    Not a bad first run of the new format though.
  • PinskiPinski827,639
    Posted on 08 June 16 at 01:48, Edited on 08 June 16 at 01:49 by Pinski
    LOVE the new layout. Really well organized. I'm sure the little tweaks people mentioned will be worked out.

    I'm hoping this new format will carry over to the sales articles too.
  • Big CheatsBig Cheats1,002,309
    Posted on 08 June 16 at 21:24
    I would suggest having the descriptions as collapsible text boxes. This would allow quick skimming while hiding the spoilers.
  • GraymawrGraymawr283,919
    Posted on 07 May 20 at 12:28
    Hard Reset Redux never goes on sale...
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