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Achievement Difficulty Spike?

Ross Wyatt
Ross Wyatt
Posted on 05 June 16 at 02:25
Hey, compared to the TMNT game based on the movie from 2007 and the first Nickelodeon's based TMNT game on the 360 back from about 2014 I assume, have the achievement's difficulty gone up? I noticed the TA score for this game is over 5,000 points.

I was going to rent it, but as soon as I saw how high that TA score was, no thanks. Can anyone clarify exactly how hard the achievements are to get compared to the above mentioned TMNT games? I'd appreciate it. Also, first forum thread ever made.
Redneck Ranger
LV 1 Blue Slime
Posted on 05 June 16 at 03:51
It's been out a week and already has 13 completions. I'm sure the ratio will end up being much lower. Ratios tend to take a few weeks to settle down.
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Posted on 06 June 16 at 21:12
Ross the reason its so high, is alot of the achievements are missions which are RNG based. Some with very very low spawn rates.
Posted on 07 June 16 at 10:51
If you want it in comparison to those two TMNT titles, this is roughly 5-10x longer of a completion. This isn't necessarily hard(although some achievements are much harder than those games), but it is very grindy and time consuming
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