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F1 Race Stars not part of The F1 Series

Lucky Brian
Lucky Brian
Posted on 05 June 16 at 10:54
What the title says, this game should not be part of The F1 Series. This is a totally different game. I know for certain that it was not always part of the series, it must have been added somewhere in the past couple of weeks.

Why, just why?
Posted on 05 June 16 at 11:33
Well, it's an F1 game made by the same company that made all the other ones, so...

I get what your saying, it's not a racing sim like the others, but technically it is still an F1 game. It's like Burnout Crash!. It bears the name and is part of the Burnout series despite it being absolutely nothing like the others.
Posted on 06 June 16 at 00:39
Because I suggested so.

It would be best to discuss it in this thread: Formula One Series (F1)

I would be more than happy to hear your argument over there.

And then a mod could lock this thread.
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