Game Discussion: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Achievement Boosting

  • Posted on 15 June 09 at 23:46
    I'd love to boost this game.
  • Posted on 26 July 09 at 02:45
    anybody who wants to boost this game can just add me and send be a message on xbl, any kind of game any difficulty as long as you help me back :) cheers.
  • B Diddy620B Diddy620444,641
    Posted on 10 August 09 at 00:47
    Send XBL msg to B Diddy620 for boosting Ranked wins , co-op 1 mil, or 2000 streak.
  • Posted on 05 October 09 at 10:16
    if anyone can help me with inhuman add me please my gt is c0lmer, if you know the way to do it from one account to another thanks !
  • Posted on 07 October 09 at 23:47
    colmer. you need to do it by yourself or you need a buddy to come over and do it for you. dont give your account name or pass to anyone just for this cheevo.

    keep practicing you'll get it.

    at the beginning its all pull offs, so hold the green fret down and tap the others one. dont tap too fast, but make sure you dont hold the individual buttons down for more than a fraction of a second.

    once you're done that, you'll realize the solo's are harder. keep practicing and save your star power towards the end of the twin solo.

    gl man.

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